Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thank You cards and tags

Yesterday was a smashing day.  I spent all morning making birthday cards for the twins as well as other little chores and I started to sort out my drawer units too.  I found lots of little bits that weren't lost as such but now they are in a proper home so I can put my hands on them easily.

I also made quite a few thank you cards and tags because, SU order arrived, whoop whoop, that is great delivery service isnt it, ordered Saturday, when they are closed, they re open Monday and Wednesday I have the goodies. Wow.

I managed to undo another 2 boxes from the loft, throw bits out, put more in the charity box and put bits in their new homes, seems that I am on a roll.

Today its lots of little things to do so will get on with that and hopefully get back in crafty space this evening for more sorting out.

Here are some of the thank you tags and card that I have made for March, I saw something similar on pintrest and just loved them so I thought, I will have a go, so I did.  Credit to the lady who first made these, whoever you are and if you see this post, let me know and I can put your name on them.
 As promised, this is my work desk, normally on a crafty get together this is covered with cake and coffee but on a normal day, (what is normal), it is quite clear ready for me to create.

I shall take another couple of photos later today of the crafting tables where we all get down to it. Thanks for having a read today and I hope you have a lovely day, whatever you are up to.

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