Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wednesday Weekly Deals and more

Good morning and thanks for having a read today.

Last night I managed to get all my chores done so that today, I have a whole day in crafty space.  I think I am up so early as I am looking forward to it.  Lots of tv programmes to catch up with too while I am in there.  I was able to do these chores as Paul was in his man cave till nearly 10pm but he is so proud of himself putting up the plaster boards, a job he hasnt really done before.  

As usual for a Wednesday, we have the weekly deals from Stampin' Up!

My next order will be going in on Sunday so if there is anything that you would like me to order for you, do please let me know before 5pm on Sunday afternoon.

Continuing on with the tour of crafty space, here are another couple of units I have going down the right hand side wall. This one has my SU stamps as well as scrapbooking stuff on the bottom.

Here are all my SU card, bits and pieces for scrapbooking and my alums.  On the top shelves are more scrapbooking bits and pieces and embellishment.

Then we have my 12 x 12's, now you understand why I am not buying any more for a few years.  A girl can never have enough but the good thing is that I am using them up, a little at a time. Note the radio which has smooth music playing out all the time.

Finally my paper stacker which is mostly SU 12 x 12s and my two boxes that I have had forever.

All that is left on that side is my dresser, which I shall straighten up and show you tomorrow.

Another card that I made using the Guy Greetings card which is very clean and simple

Right then, off to wiggle into my crafty space, have a great day and please, do get in touch if you need any crafty help, would like to place an order or come along to one of the crafty events.

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