Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday.... all day

Friday and its the weekend.

I didnt manage to get into the craft room last night but never mind.  I can clean it all and sort it all out again next week, its not going away is it.  Today Paul is off work and trying to get a bit more done in his man cave.  It is coming on but as Paul is a perfectionist, it is a slow process still, at least will get done and then I can finally get rid of all the boxes.

Here is a card that we made at Sir Stampalot some time ago. 
I have come across it in my "to finish" box but it is finished.  I just dont know if I can send it out to anyone as I like it so much.

Well the electrician has let us down.  He was supposed to get in touch to let us know when he can come and move all the electrical boxes, main fuses etc. which are currently in the bathroom, not heard a word from him.  The boiler man, mmmm, he is due to install a new boiler but he didnt send us a quote.  He hasnt confirmed when he will do it and he hasnt returned our calls.  Which means that the bathroom renovation is now on hold as these two jobs have to be completed before we start taking ceilings down and looking for new bathroom fittings.

So I am going to move on to the outside of the house.  We are extending the drive on Lilly Street side (jokingly we call it the East Wing).  We have found new gates, a lot of concreting has to be done, some new security gates have to be put up around Paul's man cave and some fence panels taken down.  I am concentrating on that area (as well as crafting) over the next few weeks and then I shall have a new fence where the craft room is.  Once this is done I can get the green house moved and a new garden shed put up, leaving the garden on the back ready to sort.  Hopefully by then, I can get back onto the bathroom as the electrian and boiler man will have been and done.

Some very sad news, Crafty Daze in Melton Mowbray is closing down.  Its a wonderful shop and very disappointing that we loose yet another crafty space.  We loved doing our scrapbook pages there. 

Right, I had best get a move on, lots to potter with on a Friday.  Thanks for having a read

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