Friday, March 27, 2015

Bunny tails

Whoop Whoop my weekend started.

I have a lovely day today starting off with the washing and ironing before moving on to the hoovering and polishing.  A bit of food shopping in between, a visit to mum and then a crafty class to finish the day....perfect.

Last night I finished getting everything all ship shape so today should (I did say should) run a lot smoother. 

There are only a couple of days left for Sale a Bration.  Please dont miss out on the offers and, if you are unsure about it all, give me a call and come and have a cuppa with me tomorrow.

Sophia has an exam today and she set off earlier as she has over an hour to travel to uni.  Unfortunately her car has a hiccup and she is parked, quite stressed on the highway (motorway).  Katerina and another friend are on their way to collect her, take her to uni for the exam and then go and see what to do with the car....where would we be without sisters and friends?

It was Rob and Nats wedding anniversary earlier this week, yes I know, they both have their birthdays followed by this celebration in the space of a week.

 Here is the card that I made, I do so much like sweet cards.  And here are the bunny tails that I have been making.
 Well a bunny is not a bunny without a tail is it.
Off to start my day with a steamy session.....ironing.  Thank you so much for having a read and please, do get in touch if you need any help at all.

Have a lovely Friday

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