Tuesday, July 15, 2008

QVC Day Out

I was invited along to the QVC day last week in London and WOW what a fantastic day it was. We caught the train first thing in the morning and got to London. St. Pancras has certainly changed since I was there last. Its like a little shopping mall, very nice. Taxi over to the conference centre and found a lovely pub to have our fish and chips. Then we went and joined the queue to get in. We were given a goody bag upon entering the building and it got more and more things in it as the afternoon wore on. The room we were in was filled with lots of tables from different companies, which I am sure I cant remember them all. I made 5 cards, going around the tables and met a few celebs. I was most impressed with Rosemerry Merry and the American Craft products. Dawn Bibby was there and a couple of presenters from QVC. I am sorry, I dont know their names. KanBan were there, Jolly Nation and quite a few others.

By 5.30 we were shattered so headed back to the train station, picked up a sandwich and got on the train home.

The weather was lovely, not too hot but no rain. The company was exceptional and a big thank you to Liz for asking me to go with her.

Here are a few pictures of the goodies that I came home with