Thursday, January 29, 2015

Painted Petals

Good morning from a very cold Derby.  It really is brrrr out there and I only nipped out to take the rubbish.  I shall have to put on big thick bed socks and a thick cardi before I venture out to put heating on in crafty space.....oh yes, I am going back in there today.

I had a little play with my new Painted Petals stamp set with Wild Wasabi and Crushed Curry. Here are the thank you cards I made.

Just in time too as I am having a delivery of crafting goodies later today.  Not everything is in the box but I will be having another delivery tomorrow, depending on the weather of course.  We have snow forecast and I just hope that the council go and grit everywhere.  Lots more in the stamp set to try and I will do that on Sunday afternoon as Paul goes away just after lunch.

We had a lot of hail stones yesterday, this is what it looked like after 2 minutes, my carpet was red.

 The wind has blown down ornements, a few of my potted plants and the chairs.  Next year I hope we have a shed to put all the garden furniture in.

I had best get the few chores done that need doing and put the heating on so that I can craft the day away.  Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely day, what ever you are up to

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday....all day

Wicked Wednesday, well I am going to be wicked today tut tut.  I shall spend the WHOLE DAY in my craft room just because I can but off to the post office in the rain first.

I cooked so much dinner yesterday that I dont have to cook tonight.  I have a hubby who is not going away till Sunday so lots of time to get washing and ironing done, naughty me.

Here is a card that I made for Alice, who is neices daughter.  She had her birthday last weekend.  Today I need to make a few more children's cards.
Pauls new roof went on the garage yesterday, the burglar alarm got sorted and I only have a few days left to sell a few items from the bedroom before we get a fitted one put in.

I have this solid pine dressing table for sale with a stand alone mirror. We originally purchased it from Pinewood Studios in Mickleover and it has dovetail finishes to it, which means it is a good un.

I also have this vibro plate for sale.  It is all dismantled and ready to go, perfect for getting into shape but I just dont have anywhere to store it since we downsized into the bungalow.

If you would like more information about either of these items, please let me know.

Weekly Deals are below.

If you would like anything, do please let me know.  My next order will be going in on Sunday.  The punches are always good to have and the ribbons are a bargain.  I am considering getting the envelope liners as they really do finish off a special card.

 I also have these two stamp sets for sale, both are brand new and both are £5 each.

Right, I had best get my lazy breakfast and wrap up to go to the post office.  Thank you for having a read and have a wonderful day

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Tuesdays Twitter and its really mild out there today.  I hear that we are going to get some storms though, yikes. 

Sophia arrived back in Athens safe and sound and even said that the flight was a good one, which is a great thing to hear.  I am not quite sure what is going to happen in Athens now with the new political party but it will be interesting to follow.  Katerina is back in full swing for uni in Preston, bless her.  I guess most of her life will now be in the library.  Christiana, unfortunately, is full of cold and not very well at all.  I do hope that she picks up soon.

Well today I am off to see councellor before coming home and going back in the crafty space.  I really do have the card making buzz and its lovely.  I am doing some serious playing with the Sheltering Tree from Stampin' Up! and the more I use it, the more I love it.  I am also hoping to do a few penny black cards today as my birthday box is rather short of those.  If you need a card or two, I have plenty.  Do feel free to come round and have a look.

Fancy crafting this evening? there area  couple of places available if you would like to make a couple of cards and tags, just get in touch.

Here is a card that I made the other night using the So Kind stamps.  This stamp set has lots of possibilities too.

Paul didnt go away YEAH.  He was supposed to go today but his trip has been postponed for a couple of days so I guess he will be starting in his garage tonight.

Must get a wiggle on, have a great day and thanks for nipping in for a read.   

Monday, January 26, 2015

No moaning Monday

Manic Monday and it is a little bit busy in the house today but that's fine, at least I am able to do all that needs doing.  I am having yet another day of non moaning, it is good for the soul.  Every time I want to moan or criticise, I smile instead.  It really is taking a bit of effort but its good for the soul.

I am in Crafty Space first thing this morning, putting the final touches to everything for crafty week.  Crafty Week is where lots of ladies get together to make a few cards and tags on Tuesday evening and Friday evening. There are a couple of places left so if you fancy coming along, just let me know and I can give you the details. You can give me a call on 01332 721877 or send me an email.

Here are a couple of little post it note holders that we made at the weekend. 

We used the Sale a Bration FREE paper pack and the tag top punch.  There are 3 different tag topped  punches now to make these with and they are all so useful.  If you fancy having a go and making one of these yourself or would like more details, please let me know.  I shall be in the crafty space most afternoons this week so please, do feel free to drop in.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you manage to stay dry today, the forecast for Derby is rain

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Snippets

Good morning and I guess I wont be cleaning any windows today, it is raining.

I have had a lovely couple of days crafting away with some wonderful friends.  Here is one of the cards we made using the brand new bow punch, which I am sure lots of people have seen on the internet.

At £15.50 with free p+p when delivered to me, its a great little punch and ideal for lots and lots of projects.  If you would like one of these, please let me know by 3pm today and I will get it ordered for you.  When it arrives, come along to the crafty space and make this card and tag and have a bit of a play.  We also made lots of other bits too, which I will show you tomorrow.

Not everyone was able to make it for a crafting weekend and I do hope that those who are poorly, get well soon.  If you couldnt make it and if you are free any afternoon this week, give me a call as I shall be in the Crafty Space making lots of things and it would be lovely to have company.  You can also have a look at all the new things I have been making as well as some bits and pieces for sale. 

I also baked, as you do

Orange drops, mini victoria sponge, lemon cake and fruit cake.  I am not sure what will be left as I hope to see some of the family later today and they do like some homemade cakes.

Sophia, my eldest twin in a taxi  with her sister, as I type,  going to Manchester Airport.  Her holiday in UK is over and she is going back to Athens for a couple of months finishing her overseas study for Social Work.  In March time she will return to Cyprus and carry on with her uni.  Katerina has to return from Manchester by bus as there are no trains today.....what a day not to have trains.  Its a good job that they double checked and were prepared.  I am very sad that she is leaving and I think, so is she.

Right, I had best get off for a tidy up and prepare a Sunday lunch.  Have a great day whatever you are up to.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Chalkboard paper

Good morning from a damp and cold Derby.  No snow here yet phew.  It is nice to see but not nice to drive on so I am happy with my drizzly rain.

I didnt manage to spend the whole day in crafty space yesterday but I was there for a while.  I am going back in there soon to clean up with the hoover.  Yesterday I had lots of visitors, the burglar alarm man twice, the boiler man as well as family, so it was a good day.

I did manage to make a few things including these.

I used the new chalkboard paper with versamark and white embossing powder, very nice.  If you would like to see these for yourself along with some other bits, why not pop over on Saturday afternoon at 3pm. 

Its the weekly deals and boy, I do need a few bits and bobs now that I have seen the deals, great prices on the markers and blenders which will have to fall into my basket.

I will have an order going in this evening so if you would like anything, do please let me know and if  you need help with anything crafting, I am happy to help.

Right, off to make a start, have a wonderful day and I do hope that you dont get problems with the weather.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuesdays Twitter

Good morning from a very cold Derby especially in my house as the heating didnt come on.  Rather strange but I am sure it will soon get warm.

Today I am having a day in the crafty space because I want to.  The housework can wait until tomorrow mind you, this in in between the burglar alarm man coming at half 8.  We had a new alarm put in and to be honest, it is not doing its job.  It resets, it goes off, it just stops all together during the day and the night so he is coming to see what is wrong.  Then around 3 I have the boiler man coming for a visit.  We are having a new boiler put in around April time so we are getting everything prepared, quotes in, finding out what we have to do etc. etc.

The exciting bit is that the girls room is having new wardrobes which means extra storeage space, which means.....less boxes.  This all happens in a couple of weeks so in the meantime, I have lots of things that I need to sell,  bedroom furniture including a pine wardrobe, dressing table and mirror, two bedside tables and a large chest of drawers.  The quality of these items is brilliant, all dove tail joints etc.  I shall be advertising them locally but if anyone reading my blog would like more information, just let me know.

Paul's new garage is drying out well and he is preparing everything to insulate it.  Unfortunately the new roof wont be on for another couple of weeks but never mind, it is all a step in the right direction.

I have had some animal, and I mean animal, digging up my new Winter plants.  I had to replant everything and I just hope that they will flower. 
I have started my perpetual calendar and I am loving it.  This is a kit and I am hosting a class very soon.  Keep a look out for the dates.  Here is my January, so far

 I may add another couple of bits but I just think this is a great kit.  Ideal for a crafty birthday present too.

Sophia really spoilt me on our trip to Birmingham.  We took Sophia to meet Katerina as we didnt think that Sophia would be comfortable getting on a train and changing stations twice, to get to Manchester.  We had a wander around Selfridges, Michel Koors and then Radley and just look what Sophia treated to me to and they are so comfy.  You can just see the little Radley dog on the bow.

If you are out and about today, fancy a coffee and dont mind being in a messy craft room, please feel free to call in.  Thanks for having a read and have a great day

Sunday, January 18, 2015

A smily Sunday

Good morning from an extremely cold Derby. I have had a busy few days and today wont be a day of rest but, would I want it any other way? Perhaps not.

On Wedenesday I met Sophia off the train, along with her two friends and we came home to pizza.  They said that they thought the train was so slow and did I know why? Then I took them into town for a couple of hours for a wander round.  It was lovely spending time with Sophia and catching up with all her news, in person.  She just loved Millies, as you can tell.

 We got home rather late and ended up having a fish and chip supper (I had a tiny portion), followed by lots of family visitors.  Thursday they decided to go horse riding.  No they have never been on a horse, no they dont have the right clothes and no they didnt think about the weather but hay, YOLO they keep telling me (you only live once), so they went off horse riding and the weather stayed dry for them but so cold.  We then visited macy dees for lunch, TK MAX and other shops before coming home to cook fajitas.  A lovely evening was spent laughing, talking and getting cleaned up.

Friday I took Elena to the bus station at 9.15.  Evanthia to the train station at 11.00 and then finally, Sophia, Paul and myself went off to Birmingham to meet with Katerina.  We had a lovely day and it all finished off at Selfridges for afternoon tea. 

We went to get our trains to come home and we were on opposite train platforms in Birmingham, the people around us must have thought we were mad. We were waving, taking photos and laughing.

Train home and an early night for me, shattered but very happy.  The girls returned to Manchester for two nights and today, they are catching the train to Leeds.  They really are getting around and its wonderful for me to know that they can do this.

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to spend the morning playing with Stampin' Up! Lotus Blossom stamp set with is a FREE set during Sale a Bration and chatting the morning away with Lesley in the Crafty Space.  Sale a Bration is where you spend £45 and get something FREE and I can tell you, the choice of free items is so good its a hard decision to make.  Here are some of the cards that I made and, if you would like to make one of these cards next Friday or Saturday, do let me know.

Today, in between chores, I shall be in the craft room again having a play with more stamp sets and making a few birthday cards that I need for February.

I do hope you have a lovely day today, whatever you are doing and thank you so much for nipping in and having a read.  If you would like any information about crafting, Stampin' Up! or anything else craft related, do please get in touch.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Midweek Musing

Good morning from a very cold Derby.  Sophia arrived last night YEAH, along with Katerina, Elena and Evanthia.  Three of them will come later today and stay for a few days which will be lovely.  I do so enjoy having the girls stay with me. It really does give me a bit of a boost and we all need one of those every now and again.

No snow yet and fingers crossed that we dont get any but Sophia want to build a snowman...yikes.

Yesterday was hectic with lots of appointments for doctors, medics, mum etc. etc. but I did get into the craft room for an hour or so later in the day.  I played with the herd stamp set, which was great and I made these.

Pauls garage / shed / workshop got finished and here it is.  He is just waiting for it to dry before insulating it, how exciting.  
SU Weekly deals are out and there are some punches, which is brilliant news.

If you would like anything, I am placing an order at 7pm tonight,  so that is weekly deals, Sale a Bration, Spring/Summer catalogue, Annual Catalogue.  If the order reaches £45 one lucky lady will get herself a sale a bration item of their choice.

Thank you for having a read today and I hope you manage to stay warm.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday's Twitter

Tuesdays Twitter and the good news is, I lost 4 1/2 lbs over the last week but please, if you have found it, I dont want it back.  I am really pleased about the weight loss as I tried very hard.Fingers crossed for another good week.

It was my sister in laws birthday yesterday and this is the card that I put together for her

I do hope she liked it.  In fact I have had quite a few birthdays and not shared the cards I made, tut tut.

Today is a bit of a hectic one starting at the docs and then appointments for one thing and another right up to after lunch.  I may take a sandwich out with me so that I dont miss lunch.  This afternoon will find me in my crafty space for an hour or two and then its an evening with hubby.  We have 'the girls' arriving tomorrow, Sophia the eldest twin and two friends. Everything is ready for them and I am so excited to see Sophia again, its been quite a while although I talk to her every day either on Viber, Facebook or Facetime, very different from a few years ago.

Here are another few cards from the Sheltering Tree stamp set from Stampin' Up!  It is so very useful and I cant stop having little plays with this.

 Now just look what has made it onto the shelves of the unit in crafty space.  I think that these are wonderful especially as I dont have a plaster tin at home.  Do you have one? If not, next time you visit, there might be one left for sale in the Crafty Space.

Thanks for having a read and SAVE THE DATE  23rd or 24th January - SALE A BRATION PARTIES.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday and another start to another week

Good morning on this start to a new week.  The weekend was lovely, as most of my days are now too.  Today I am having another at home day, doing another little job, to get it out of the way before spending time in my crafty space.

How about this for something a little different. I do hope the video works.

Here is what I have made so far, with my own bow builder.

If you would like to try this for yourself, why not come along to my stampin up party on Friday 23rd January or Saturday the 24th. Let me know if you would like to come along.  Or if you would like to order one, just tell me and I will get it for you.

Paul is having a garage put up today, here are the photos so far

Fingers crossed it will be done by the end of the day

We had a lovely get together last Friday night for the Christmas Card and Chatter club, I meant to take photos of what we were all doing but it was busy that I just forgot, next time.

Have a wonderful day today and thank you for having a read,