Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy Birthdays - Day 9

Today its a very Happy Birthday to my grand daughter Millie, she is 11  and also a very special birthday is being celebrated by a lovely crafting friend Liz.  Here are the cards that I made for two very special ladies

 I have been really busy in the crafty space this week, moving things around, putting things away and sorting, as you do. Here are a few bits that I have for sale, I just love this box and then of course

The box is No. 38#MY100HAPPYDAYS
I have over 150 cards all ready for sale, which are on sale too so if you are reading this and need a card or two, just let me know.
                                                             Having all these wonderful cards ready is my No. 39#MY100HAPPYDAYS
I had a lovely Tuesday at Tracey's, it was wonderful to see everyone and the cake, well, what can I say apart from scrummy.  Thursday saw the journal/project life night in which Sam and I had a very productive evening.  Tonight of course is the Christmas Card and Chatter Club.  This has moved into the Crafty Space for a while to see if numbers increase and if they do, we shall move back to the church hall.

I have been given all these wonderful crafting magazines

If you would like one, two, a few or a lot please do let me know and come and help yourself.  A total stranger that I met via Street Life called in yesterday to collect a few magazines and she gave me this wonderful plant, which has to be my No. 40#MY100HAPPYDAYS
Perhaps I should pass this on to Denise as it was Denise that left the magazines? 
Christiana, my eldest, my have caught a collection condition, from her mum.  She is so pleased with her new purchase, a box.  She just loves it, called me to tell me all about it and then the photos.
Then to her surprise, she found that it was a set of 2 boxes and one was hidden inside the other, well you cant imagine her happiness....opps.

Well, I had best get a wiggle on as I need to do a few chores, shopping and then make a stew for tea.  Then I can go and play for an hour.  Thanks for having a read and have a lovely day, oh I didnt tell you about all the new SU things I made.....tomorrow

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