Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Snippets

Good morning and I guess I wont be cleaning any windows today, it is raining.

I have had a lovely couple of days crafting away with some wonderful friends.  Here is one of the cards we made using the brand new bow punch, which I am sure lots of people have seen on the internet.

At £15.50 with free p+p when delivered to me, its a great little punch and ideal for lots and lots of projects.  If you would like one of these, please let me know by 3pm today and I will get it ordered for you.  When it arrives, come along to the crafty space and make this card and tag and have a bit of a play.  We also made lots of other bits too, which I will show you tomorrow.

Not everyone was able to make it for a crafting weekend and I do hope that those who are poorly, get well soon.  If you couldnt make it and if you are free any afternoon this week, give me a call as I shall be in the Crafty Space making lots of things and it would be lovely to have company.  You can also have a look at all the new things I have been making as well as some bits and pieces for sale. 

I also baked, as you do

Orange drops, mini victoria sponge, lemon cake and fruit cake.  I am not sure what will be left as I hope to see some of the family later today and they do like some homemade cakes.

Sophia, my eldest twin in a taxi  with her sister, as I type,  going to Manchester Airport.  Her holiday in UK is over and she is going back to Athens for a couple of months finishing her overseas study for Social Work.  In March time she will return to Cyprus and carry on with her uni.  Katerina has to return from Manchester by bus as there are no trains today.....what a day not to have trains.  Its a good job that they double checked and were prepared.  I am very sad that she is leaving and I think, so is she.

Right, I had best get off for a tidy up and prepare a Sunday lunch.  Have a great day whatever you are up to.

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