Monday, January 5, 2015

A late start to the day - Day 5

Good morning and I hope that everyone that went back to work this morning managed it okay.  Unfortunately Paul's alarm clock didnt go off and we woke up very late but never mind.

Yesterday was supposed to be a quiet day but mums oven went BANG in the middle of cooking Sunday lunch so it was finished off here and sis and bro in law came for lunch so the afternoon was spent home.  Last night I managed to have play in the craft room and you can see what I made on my number 36 of MYHAPPYDAYS.

As promised I have caught up with my happy days and here they are

No 32#MY100HAPPYDAYS - I got these from Santa and WOW.  They are really good and my face is a lot softer.  Paul went into MAC and got them for me and everytime I use them, I am happy

No 33#MY100HAPPYDAYS - This was taken on New Years Day.  I made cakes and two of the grandchildren, the youngest 2, Amy and Hollie dusted the top.

No 34#MY100HAPPYDAYS - Everytime I use this I smile.  Sophia and Katerina got this for me in Athens.

No 35#MY100HAPPYDAYS - DOT by Marc Jacobs and its wonderful.  I first smelt this when I went to convention and forgot my perfurme and I pinched a bit of this from a friend.  Its so nice and makes me happy every time I wear it, which reminds me.

No 36#MY100HAPPYDAYS - I made these last night and love them.  So happy that I am able to make something so nice...

Last day to get your orders in from the Autumn / Winter catalogue.  I shall be submitting my order later today so please, do get in touch if you would like anything.

Must get a wiggle on as very late already, have a really great day and thank you for nipping in to read the blog

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Lesley said...

the cake looks amazing best wishes Lesley x