Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thirsty Thursday

Phew, how hot is it today? I thought yesterday was lovely but today is even better, sorry Jackie, opps, not everyone likes the heat. I have been thirsty all day, its been tea, tea and more tea.

Just a few hours left to order from the 2010 - 2011 catalogue. We get to place our first orders in the new catalogue on Saturday so if there is anything that you would like, from either of them, just let me know 01332 721877.

Another little something from the table at Moorways last Sunday. Sue made these for me from the Springtime Vintage papers. I have ordered quite a few packs of this paper as its so lovely. Thank you Sue.

We had a prize draw on Sunday and the winners are:
J. James from Hatton
R. Lewis from Findern
J. Wood from Woodville

Your prizes are in the post and I hope that you have them by the weekend.

Still a couple of places left for Saturday morning's crafting session, just give me a call on the number above to book your place.

Thank you for having a read and I hope you have a lovely evening

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Twitterings

Silly me, I didnt put the pictures on yesterday of the wonderful ladies who helped me out on Sunday. As mentioned, Jayne vanished before I could photograph her, which I am sure she is pleased about.

Here is Anne, having a well deserved sit down, it was such a busy morning

Sue is proving that she has mastered the art of opening and closing SU ink pads without getting ink all over her
Sue and Elvie having a little natter

A few bits from the table. Goodness there were so many wonderful projects on the table. I will be sharing more pictures of them with you over the next few posts but if you would like to see them all out on display, details of a local Stampin' Up! party will be available soon. I am just confirming dates and times with venue

Lots and lots of exciting things coming up, did you know there is a new catalogue out on Saturday, perhaps I havent mentioned it before, although I am sure I did but a reminder wont hurt. It is super duper. Then there is a Stampin' Up! party in Spondon very soon. I am just finalising dates and times not to mention the Stamp a Stack and October's Crafty Week.

I have a couple of spaces left at the card making class this Saturday so if you are free, fancy a couple of hours of fun, please give me a call 01332 721877 and book your place. More details can be found on the events section of my blog.

Thanks for having a read and I hope to catch up with everyones blog over the weekend xx

Monday, September 26, 2011

Where do I begin la la la la

To say I have been busy is a bit of an understatement. With sorting Katerina out at Preston Uni, having her home for a weekend and shopping, getting ready for a mega sale, preparing lots and lots of things for the Papermax show and having a table there yesterday phew. On top of that, its crafty week this week and we have just finished our first session.

I still have ironing from the honeymoon and lots of chores in the house but hay, I am having fun.

I want to say a big thank you to Jayne, who disappeared just before I got my camera out, Anne, Elive and Sue for all your help yesterday. A very special thank you to Anne and Sue for making so many wonderful projects for the table as I really couldnt have done it without you...sounds a bit like an award speach. And finally all those wonderful people who stopped to say hello, watched the demos and stood and chattered to us, it was wonderful to meet you.

A couple of pictures to share with you..first of all, trouble

This is going to make her sister soooo envious. Katerina with her own concoction of ice cream, chocolate and strawberry sauce, 100s and 1000s and wafers. Every since I can remember the girls have always made up there own ice cream.

A few pressies wrapped in crumb cake card that has been put through the ribbling machine, tied with seam binding ribbon and a tag made with Baby Blossoms. I stole the idea from a hotel we stayed in on our honeymoon and Anne sat in my craft room and made them for me...naughty but soooo nice.
Springtime Vintage Cards with Baby Blossom stamp set, very sweet. I will be sad to see this set go
Not a brilliant photograph and trust me to get the back of the tin. Lots and lots of flowers from the SU flower die, butterflies all the way around, honest and some diamontes on top.

That is just a taster of all the wonderful things that I have to share with you over the next few days.

Not long to go now until the new Stampin Up Catalogue is out and WOW, its really amazing. If you would like a copy, just let me know and I will put one in the post to you.

Thanks for having a read and I am so sorry it has been such a long time since I posted. Have a lovely week.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Twitterings

If I was you I would grab a cuppa, I think this may be a long post.
First of all, what with returning from honeymoon, washing, cleaning and trying to catch up, there was just no time to update the blog, apologies for this, hopefully I can get things a little bit more towards normal now, although, what is normal?

Last weekend Sophia and Katerina came to the UK as Katerina has started to study at Preston University. Here are some photos of her in her new room, just for Christiana, who is going to miss Katerina soooo much.
paul sorting out paperwork

Sophia on Katerinas bed, just a few of the photos Katerina has

A little bit dark, but I guess you get the idea

I have also been busy sorting out all the SU orders, which are ready for collection/delivery. There are quite a few items on the Retired list that have already sold out so if there is something that you have been pondering over, give me a call and I shall see if it is still available for you.

Here is the card for this months "Thank You". It's from the hostess set Slice of Life, there is still chance for you to get this set. I have a few dates free if you would like to have a few friends over for a Stampin' Up! party.
I hope you can see the wonderful dazzling diamonds in this photo

Stamp a stack of Christmas cards. I shall be holding a Stamp a Stack event in October, well I will be holding two actually. The first is on Thursday 13th October and this will be repeated on Saturday 15th October. You will make 10 cards. There will be 5 designs in 2 different colours. If you would like to book your place or find out more information, please give me a ring on 01332 721877 any evening after 6.30p.m.

Hope that you have a great day and thanks for having a read

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Last of the holiday snaps

Our honeymoon tour of Cornwall has come to an end and here we are, home again. It has been a wonderful break away and I have returned refreshed, relaxed and ready to start again, but at a slower pace.

Whilst we were staying at the Headland Hotel we were woken by someone knocking at the door. When we opened the door, early in the morning I add, there was no one there but the knocking continued. We were on the third floor and Paul thought the noise might have been coming from the window?? puzzled I gently opened the curtains and here is the culprit

He quite happily sat there for a couple of hours tapping away, obviously someone must have fed him previously so he thought by tapping I would give him food. How wrong he was. We had a pitstop (or should I say pub stop) in St. Issac, the place that Doc Martin is filmed, emmm, I didnt recognise anything?? We wandered around, looked at the stunning streets and scenery but to no avail. I think that this may be Docs house but I am not sure

and I think I recognise this, or do I, again not sure
but the views and scenery again, fantastic. We had a one night stay in Tintagel (one night rather than two) and we had a wander around. Unfortunately I didnt take any photos. Then we headed off to Bath and I am in love with the place. Its wonderful, beautiful, fantastic shops, cobbled streets, friendly people and this was all in rain. We are most definately going back there, perhaps for the Christmas market in November.
Being in Bath, we had to do the baths
The history surrounding this is amazing. If you havent been, its well worth it and, if you want to go just tell me, I will happily come along for a visit.

So now its continuing with the washing, putting away and the dreaded ironing. Today I must get my hair and nails sorted out along with 1001 other little jobs. Some great news, Sophia and Katerina arrive in London today with their dad. Katerina is moving to Preston as she is going to study there and we are all meeting up on Saturday for her to move into her accommodation. Another exciting and busy weekend.

Thanks for having a read. I shall hopefully catch up on all your blogs over the next couple of days to see what you have been up to.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Feeling

It certainly feels like a Friday today and I must admit that I havent done anything. Got up a lot latter than normal but still in time for breakfast and then we had a gentle stroll into the centre of Newquay.

The sun has been shining all day and I must say that the hardest thing I have done, was buy a new work bag and make some tea...terrible.

Here are a few photos taken today

paul in front of the hotel

a view of just one of the beaches in Newquay.

tonight its a lazy night at the hotel, Thanks for having a read.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Catching up on the Honeymoon Tour and Stampin' Up! news

At last I can catch up with everyone and see what is happening. When we booked our accommodation in St. Ives we were told that we had wifi but when we arrived, it didnt work. Although we tried lots of different places to use the computer, no success.So, where have we been, after leaving Falmouth, this was the view from our hotel room,

we travelled to St. Ives to a lovely B+B at the top of the hill. During this trip we stopped off at the Minnack Theatre which was a lovely treat. It is so hard to believe that this has been built Unfortunately, we were able to see a show there but maybe next time.

St. Ives was a really bustling place and a good place for us stay to visit lots of other villages, coves and points of interest. The photo below is of the biggest candy floss I have ever seen, I dont know who the girl is though, but she happily posed so that I could show you her whopper.

Lands End was a surprise, I was imagining bleakness, cliffs and lots of people, what I didnt expect was a fee of £5 for the carpark as soon as you arrived, amusement arcades, shops, rides,
4D theaters, cafes and restauants...amazing. Here
is Paul and lots of strangers, not a brilliant picture but at least this has the least amount of strangers in it. Penzance was another port of call, unfortunately the tide was out so I couldnt get a good picture of the harbour, I did find a craft shop though and I couldnt leave without buying a little something could I? I must admit that I am missing my craft room as I have lots and lots of ideas that I want to try out, oh well, I will soon have time to do that
Another one of Paul at the edge of the cliffs, I was tempted to tell him to stand further back, and back but I didnt. Peranporth was a lovely little cove, very busy with holidaymakers and this is what it was like on the beach earlier today

And here is my treat, after arriving at our posh hotel, which will be our base for the next 3 days.
Now that I have the internet, I have been catching up with Stampin' Up! news and ohhh what news.

If you click HERE it should take you straight to the Stampin' Up! retired list page. I shall be placing an order on Friday 2nd September at tea time and again most days. Hopefully I shall be getting my hands on the new 2011-2012 catalogues in a couple of weeks so if you would like to pre-order yours, get in touch and I shall pop it in the post to you the same day that I get them. I have also had a sneak peak of what's in the new catalogues and I am really excited about all the new goodies. I shall be having a catalogue launch as soon as its possible....
Thanks for having a read today, lots of it I know. Hopefully internet wont be such a problem now.