Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Last of the holiday snaps

Our honeymoon tour of Cornwall has come to an end and here we are, home again. It has been a wonderful break away and I have returned refreshed, relaxed and ready to start again, but at a slower pace.

Whilst we were staying at the Headland Hotel we were woken by someone knocking at the door. When we opened the door, early in the morning I add, there was no one there but the knocking continued. We were on the third floor and Paul thought the noise might have been coming from the window?? puzzled I gently opened the curtains and here is the culprit

He quite happily sat there for a couple of hours tapping away, obviously someone must have fed him previously so he thought by tapping I would give him food. How wrong he was. We had a pitstop (or should I say pub stop) in St. Issac, the place that Doc Martin is filmed, emmm, I didnt recognise anything?? We wandered around, looked at the stunning streets and scenery but to no avail. I think that this may be Docs house but I am not sure

and I think I recognise this, or do I, again not sure
but the views and scenery again, fantastic. We had a one night stay in Tintagel (one night rather than two) and we had a wander around. Unfortunately I didnt take any photos. Then we headed off to Bath and I am in love with the place. Its wonderful, beautiful, fantastic shops, cobbled streets, friendly people and this was all in rain. We are most definately going back there, perhaps for the Christmas market in November.
Being in Bath, we had to do the baths
The history surrounding this is amazing. If you havent been, its well worth it and, if you want to go just tell me, I will happily come along for a visit.

So now its continuing with the washing, putting away and the dreaded ironing. Today I must get my hair and nails sorted out along with 1001 other little jobs. Some great news, Sophia and Katerina arrive in London today with their dad. Katerina is moving to Preston as she is going to study there and we are all meeting up on Saturday for her to move into her accommodation. Another exciting and busy weekend.

Thanks for having a read. I shall hopefully catch up on all your blogs over the next couple of days to see what you have been up to.


Handcrafted With Love said...

Tracey get a steam generator for your ironing - The end result is amazing and it is totally effortless! Dan bought me one a couple of weeks ago and everything gets ironed now! :-)

Love Pam xx

Jackie said...

Alas Tracey, all good things have to end sometimes!
Beautiful photographs. I have been to the baths in Bath and they are magnificent considering how old they are :o)
Jackie xx

Lesley said...

Lovely pics and what a cheeky seagull!!! What a perfect time you had see you soon Lesley x