Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Butterfly Gala Cards

Good morning and its a bit cooler here today in Derby and foggy too.
Mr weatherman said more rain is due too so that will help with all the watering of the garden.  Then I hear that we will get sunshine again, whoop whoop.

It was lovely to see so many folk yesterday, thank you for the company.  Today I am in the craft room for the day as I really do have to crack on with those birthday cards, it will be May 1st tomorrow.

If anyone would like some more details about the Everything is Rosy kit which comes out tomorrow, please do let me know.

Some very good news to share......mum went to doc and they have given her the results of all the latest scans/xrays etc. and she is all clear of cancer.  The tests have to be repeated again in 3 months but phew is all I can say.  She was feeling very positive but she had a fall Sunday night.  She ended up in A&E overnight where they really looked after her.  She was home at half 7 in the morning and I spent a few hours with her yesterday.  She is fine but her head, face and eye are really a mess.  She said she is okay though.....

Saturday afternoon, 18th May we have a decoupage class in The Craft Room, Derby.  The lovely Emma is returning to show us how to make these items.

If you would like to come along in the afternoon to make these (lots of other designs available) please do get in touch as soon as possible.  Only two places remaining.  These are what we all made last time.
Here are cards that were made using the butterfly gala stamp.  I made a few of these in different colours and I am really pleased that this set will be carried over into the new catalogue that comes out in a few weeks.

If you would like to find out more about these cards, stamps and colours used please do get in touch.

All items on the dresser in the craft room are half price and there is a basket full of stamps that are FREE to a good home.

Well I had best get off and start my day.  Thank you for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday.  Tracey x

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Midweek Musing

Good morning and Mr. Weather man has said it is going to be cooler today with the chance of rain.  Now that isnt so good as I was going to do some washing today.  Oh well, it will have to dry inside for a change.

I have already been to the doctors this morning about my legs and I now have a new steroid cream, some more antibiotics and some excercises to do to help with the water retention.  I saw a different doc who gave us a little more hope about the legs/feet getting better in time.  I have also been instructed to continue with legs resting, above my heart each day so from 1pm - 3pm I will be having bed rest.....or nanny nap.

I shall be heading off to the craft room for the rest of the day once the few chores have been done.  I have quite a lot of cards to make for May and would like to get them done.  I am excited about being in there for the day..... it doesnt take much.

There are still lots of things for sale on the Clearance Rack and here is the link if you want to go and take a look.  LINK

I would also like to tell you about one of two new things coming out in May.  This is call Everything is Rosy

Here is a video of the new kit Everything is Rosy.

Now all this starts on 1st May and it is just for the month of May but, if past performance is anything to go by, this could be a sell out so I thought I would tell you all about it now.

I didnt share the lovely eggs in their nest.  This was on the table for everyone that came to crafty nights earlier this month.  They looked lovely.

Here is one of the cards that we made at our weekend away.

I tried a different colouring medium for this, something I hadnt done before but cant wait to have another go. 

Off to start my day but thank you so much for having a read.  If you need help with anything crafty please, do get in touch.  Tracey x

Tuesday, April 23, 2019


Good morning and Mr. Weather man says another lovely day is in store.

Here is another card that was made last week and it does involve a few techniques, colouring watercolour card, heat embossing, some die cutting and then some cutting out or punching, depending on which card was made. 
This was inspired and cased from a beautiful card that I received from Zoe Tant who is a wonderful SU demonstrator that I meet up with when going to On Stage
She sent me this card and the most fantastic bag with a brilliant quote that I use daily, for achieving my 100,000 CSV goal.

The fence painting got finished whoop whoop without further incidents.  The lawn got cut and Paul went back to work today.  That leaves me to do a few chores and then go into The Craft Room.  I have a few cards to make for family birthdays and I would rather get them done sooner rather than later.....reducing the stress levels.

HERE is a link for the Clearance Rack.   Stampin' Up! have announced quite a few items at reduced prices, it is worth a look. If you would like anything, please do get in touch. I shall place an order later this evening.

Right, off to start my day.  Thank you for having a read today and tomorrow I will have news about what is coming up in May in Stampin' Up! world. Tracey x

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Monday, April 22, 2019

Good morning and another sunny one.....always good to wake up to the sunshine.

The fence painting is coming on a treat but what a way to spend Bank Holiday.  As we live on a corner, ALL the fence panels on both sides belong to us and we havent painted them since we arrived at the house.  We moved in more than 4 years ago so it was time to do it.  Everything had gone so well until yesterday late afternoon, Paul accidently got paint on next door neighbours patio cushions.  I had to run round, ask for the cover, wash it which took over half an hour, put it on the line and this morning there are still some bits.  It has been scrubbed again by Paul and is now hanging outside, fingers crossed.

The fence does look very good now, although I think Paul misunderstood when I said I would like a pink or gray fence.....he won.

Last week we had a couple of wonderful crafty get togethers but unfortunately this weeks events have had to be cancelled.  Not enough folk booked on them to take place, which is sad.  Here is one of the cards that we made using circles, pastel colours and sequins.  I loved making this card and so did everyone else.  
If you couldnt make it to a crafty night and would like to come round for an evening of crafting next Tuesday evening, 30th April please get in touch.  We shall make this card as well as another one. 

I have been to the slimming club this morning and have lost another pound, which I am really pleased about.  I am going to have an extra special extra effort week this week and see if I can loose a bit more next week.

Off to start the chores, a little late in the day but better late than never.  Thanks for having a read.  Tracey x

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter

Good morning and what a lovely morning it is.  The weather here is Derby is stunning, warm, a slight breeze and just like the start of a perfect Summer day.  So far the weather this Easter weekend has been smashing.

Happy Easter to everyone.  I am guilty of not making cards this year but I think I will be forgiven.  I did however receive these wonderful ones.

I had  'operation house' on Friday meaning that the house got sorted and cleaned plus the washing and the ironing got done.   It was a sad day as I didnt get to buy a button easter egg for Christiana, keeping occupied helped.

We had a lovely crafty get together on Thrusday evening and yesterday morning.  Thank you to everyone that came along.  

Pens..... we have so many pens in this house that I have started giving them away.  Imagine my suprise when I am sorting today and come across an addition 30+ pens and I dont know where they have come from, am I a secret pen thief??  Where else can I get them all from.  If you need a pen or two please dont buy them, just ask me for some.

Today is back to more fence painting and I shall have an afternoon in the craft room. I hope you have a wonderful day and dont eat too many chocolate eggs.  Tracey x