Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

What wonderful weather we had yesterday, a bit of a frost first thing in the morning and then the sun was shining and it was quite warm.  I was hoping to get outside for an hour or two but when I went out at around 3pm it was freezing cold, maybe I can get out there today.

Not a lot planned for the rest of the day but I do feel a little more human.  Do you remember this awful fabric softner
Well, I decided to use it up so I put it in my sink with hot water and used it as an air freshner.  It makes the house smell lovely, just a pity that the clothes dont smell the same.

Paul will stay off work today as he really is so very ill, coughing and spluttering and a really bad case of man flu.  Hopefully he will rest up, take the tablets and get him self fit again.

Are you ready for Halloween?  Will you get lots of little visitors?? 

I am really pleased to report that at my 'fatclass' yesterday I lost 5 1/2 lbs wow.  I have been so good in the last week that I was hoping to lose all that weight that I put on during my days and nights at the hospital, fingers crossed that I can do a bit more this week too.

Here is another one of the cards that we made at our SS weekend away, not sure if you can see all the glitter that I added, Christmas cards need glitter in my opinion although I know a few ladies that wont agree

Something new from Stampin' Up!

Create oodles of cards quickly and easily with the Holly Jolly Greetings Simply Sent kit. Materials for 12 holiday photo cards: printed cards with die-cut photo notches, note card for handwritten or printed message, closure stickers. Finished card size: 5" x 7". Acid free, lignin free.  Holly Jolly Greetings Simply Sent  Price is £13.50

Stampin' Up! really are bringing us lots and lots of new things and as soon as one offer finishes, there is another one to tempt us.  If you are short of time I am sure that this Kit will be perfect for those personal Christmas Cards.  Have a wonderful Halloween and thanks for visiting today.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wicked Wednesday

I usually put the title of "midweek musing" for a post on a Wednesday but I thought I would be a bit different today, as it is getting closing to Halloween and I am sure a lot of people are starting to feel a little wicked.  Plus, further down the page today, there are some really wicked offers that you would feel wicked about, if you missed out....okay, enough of that word.

Yesterday I went and sorted out some flowers and got a few for the house too, they look nice.  Also sorted out the Christmas card box, goodness, I have lots and lots and lots all ready to go, far more than I thought so, I shall start to update my blog with a few of these cards, some made by me and some made by my friends for demonstrations.  I also found a lot of Christmas things to make with the Grandchildren so, when I am feeling a little more myself, we can do these.

Here is a card I made a few years ago. I loved doing this and I hope that when I feel a little better, I can try to do a few more similar.

 Do you like this little doorstop?  I purchased it a while ago at a charity stall on the way into the hospital.  It will be perfect for future Derby Dabblers get togethers to keep doors ajar.
Stampin' Up! have two new Christmas bundles that are available today and end on 30th November! These bundles are excellent for packaging treats and small gifts this Christmas season and long after Christmas is done..

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The Holiday Tag It Extra-Large Box Bundle (item 135812) includes
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And finally, an offer from me FREE P+P on all order of £45 or more, delivered directly to your door.  If you place an order online - I will reiemburse your p+p charges.  All orders placed through me for a value of £45 or more, I will pay your p+p and get the items delivered directly to you.  This offer is available today until 30 November.

Thanks for having a read today and have a lovely Wednesday.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesdays Twitter

Although yesterday started out as a blank canvas, it soon got filled up.  A big thank you to everyone for all your support, I cant tell you how much it is appreciated. Spent some time with my parents, that helped too. Mum is taking me to the florist today and that will be the last of all the arrangements that need doing for next Monday.  If anyone is free later and you fancy a cuppa and a chat, please do pop round.

We were fortunate enough in Derby to miss out on the storms yesterday, which was a blessing.  I do feel for all those that got caught up in it though. My daughter, Katerina who is in Preston, wanted to put wood all across her windows in the flat as she thought that is was a hurricane that was coming.  Maybe sometimes the news does say a little too much.

I have been looking at cards that I made a few years ago and I came across this.  I am sure that quite a few ladies have the same card.  We made it in a group with Gina....but when was this? 
I am hoping that someone can give me a clue as to how long ago it was that we made these cards and, what have you done with yours?

Thank you for nipping by for a read today.  Have a lovely Tuesday.

Monday, October 28, 2013

A blank Monday

Good morning and another start to another week.  Paul has returned to work, which is hard for us both but fortunately, I shall be off this week.  Umm where are the storms?  We had a little rain but nothing else.  I guess I have to go and listen to the news to see what is happening.

Over the weekend I decided to tackle the craft room, again.  At this rate there wont be a craft room left.  I have been really cruel and disposed of 14 bags (carrier bags) of items.  I have a box of things I shall take to Derby Dabblers to give away and quite a few other bits and bobs to sell.  I wont use them anymore and they really need to be used.  It is so hard to concentrate on anything at the moment, feeling a little in limbo land so sorting the craft room was very theraputic.  Because it all got clean and tidy, Paul came around with the hammer and nails and put up all my wonderful things, here are a couple of photos

Most of the things have been given to me by friends and family as presents.  The wooden heart shelf came back from Holland and is full of the ribbon reels that I keep finding (something else that I hoard).  The little blue sea scene is on a piece of drift wood and I found this during our honeymoon.  Everything has a memory.

Here is another little card that we made during our SS visit.  This was on the Friday evening (we made 4 cards that night), not sure if you can see all the dazzling diamonds on it.  I think it is really cute.

Dont forget today is the LAST DAY OF SALE for the 25th Birthday Celebration from Stampin' Up!  There is an order going in today so if you want anything, you really do need to get in touch with me by 10.00am.

Thank you for having a read and I hope that you have a wonderful start to the week.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Stormy Sunday

 We shall be having a Sunday lunch for just the two of us and watch Downton Abbey tonight, the rest of the day, who knows.  No plans so far for today, which is good.

Paul has surprised me by getting me this

It is a wizz machine to clean my floors and spruce up the carpets.  It has taken the floor cleaning down to just a few minutes meaning that I have more time to craft.  He really does help me no end and, its another gadget which is what all the men like.

I am so pleased that I managed to sort out another 6 shelves in my study yesterday and clear a little more desk space.  I know it sounds quite trivial but to me, its a great achievement and I now know where all the paperwork is that we may need, I am sure I shredded a lot that I shouldnt have, never mind.

The craft room is getting a bit of a revamp too.  I have saved (okay hoarded might be the right word), far too many things for far too long.  A friend of mine recently put on her blog that she is using the cards she made in class, to give as birthday/anniversary cards etc. OH WOW, how brave is she thought I.  Actually, she is right.  Why do I want to save 100s of cards that I have made as they go out of date, they take up space, become unstuck.   I have had great pleasure in making these items and I have a photograph to remind me of how to make them.   So they are now in my birthday card box (boxes) ready to send out, all I have to do now is remember birthdays, which I am terrible at.

Tomorrow I shall be placing an order for the Stamperettes (if any of you are reading this, please get in touch).  As it is the LAST DAY OF THE SALE, dont miss out on 25% discount off 25 stamps.   If you would like to place an order I would be happy to arrange this for you or, you can just click on the "shop now" banner and do an on line order.

This is another lovely little box, full of smarties, that was waiting for us at SS during our weekend away.  Louise made this and it really is a work of art.  As soon as it is empty, I will be having a look at how to make one.

I wonder who will fill it up when it is empty?  Janice filled it up whilst we were there, maybe I have to take it back to SS, now there is a thought.

I hope everyone stays safe from this awful storm that is due, have a lovely Sunday and thank you for taking the time to read my blog today.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturdays Post

There is still a lot of tea pouring going on in the Anthony household but the difference is, I am on canderel and skimmed milk, good for the diet.

How many books do you have, to get through your everyday life?  Well I like pretty books and pretty writing pads and I am not very practical when it comes to cutting back but, I have been harsh.  I sorted out a shelf in the study and discovered that I had books galore on one shelf, which I thought I needed to survive every day.  I have reduced this to
  • Car documents folder
  • Receipts folder
  • Recipe folder
  • Address book - plus one old address book, just in case
  • Birthday Card book
  • Cash book for the girls (3 girls, lots of bills and allowances etc)
  • Computer notes - my scribbles at the computer 
I have actually removed another 6 books that I haven't looked at in years.  One shelf done and another 20 to go.

For those that didnt know, I suffered from scorisos for many many years, often too embaressed by my hands as they were split, dry, cracking and awful.  Since my mini stroke this has all gone away so I am really pleased to be able to use hand creams, shower gels with perfume and a fabric softner with a smell.  However, I did try this
 Paul asked if the clothes were put away damp?  Did I notice a funny smell?  Had something gone musty? well, we discovered it was the fabric softner, I wont be getting that one again.  I shall stick to this instead.

I thought you may like to see something else that I was given during my recent SS weekend away.

 I am not sure who made it, possibly Louise?  I am sure one of the other ladies will put me right if I am wrong.  I know its another little book but this is in my craft room.... 

Well thank you for having a read and *hello - says me waving* to my newest follower.  Have a lovely day and, if you need any crafting help at all, give me a ring, call for a cuppa or come for a chat.                                                                                                                               

Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday - Autumn arrived

Have you experienced all the leaves falling off the trees in the wind?  It has been lovely watching the leaves change colour from green, to red, to deep red and now, they are on the floor everywhere.  Autumn really has arrived.

Its Friday and only 3 DAYS LEFT to grab yourself a bargain on the birthday special discount.  Just click HERE to find out more details.  I do not yet have that Friday feeling but I fingers crossed, I will do soon. 

Happy Birthday Paul.  It is my Brother-in-Laws birthday today and here is the card I made him.  I know that he has got a new camera so thought that this was apt.
 and here is a bit of a close up

Do you remember the wrapping paper I got for Christiana's present in the Summer, here is a reminder,
well I also found this paper to wrap up presents for the men in our lives, cute uh?

I had my weigh in this week (every Wednesday I go to Slimmer's World) unfortunately I have put on 4 1/2 pounds so this week I am determined to get rid of it.  Hopefully I will be active enough to shed a little and my portions are going to be a lot smaller.  I blame it on all the hospital food I ate over the previous 10 days but as I shall be eating healthier, it should come off.....fingers crossed.

I hope you have a lovely day today, thank you for reading my blog.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A little lost

Feeling a little lost at the moment, which I guess is to be expected. Looking out with a cuppa in my hand is where I have found myself quite often the last couple of days as my heart is just not in whatever I have to do.  I am sure that this feeling will change and in the meantime, I will just keep pottering.

With a big smile on my face I would like to thank the 18 friends for telling me that Aldi had THE IRON.  Well my mum went and got me one for me last Sunday and  I have been ironing.  It is lovely and good and quick and saves time and....and...and.

News from Stampin' Up!  25 discounted stamp sets....oh yes, 25% off these items. If you want to have a look at them, all the details can be found by clicking "order now" / products /  25% off 25 stamps.  If you want to have a very quick look at them, here they are:

Just click HERE and it will take you to more details of this offer, show you the discounted prices and, lots more. I am placing an order at 1pm this afternoon so, if you would like anything, get it while you can. THIS OFFER IS ONLY VALID UNTIL MONDAY so get your skates on.

I didnt manage a  Tuesdays at Traceys this week due to our loss but there will be a get together  next week and I will give you a bit more information about that, at the weekend.

I shall be catching up with emails, blogs and all other computer news today, with a cuppa or two.

Thank you for having a read and I hope you have a lovely day.