Sunday, October 27, 2013

Stormy Sunday

 We shall be having a Sunday lunch for just the two of us and watch Downton Abbey tonight, the rest of the day, who knows.  No plans so far for today, which is good.

Paul has surprised me by getting me this

It is a wizz machine to clean my floors and spruce up the carpets.  It has taken the floor cleaning down to just a few minutes meaning that I have more time to craft.  He really does help me no end and, its another gadget which is what all the men like.

I am so pleased that I managed to sort out another 6 shelves in my study yesterday and clear a little more desk space.  I know it sounds quite trivial but to me, its a great achievement and I now know where all the paperwork is that we may need, I am sure I shredded a lot that I shouldnt have, never mind.

The craft room is getting a bit of a revamp too.  I have saved (okay hoarded might be the right word), far too many things for far too long.  A friend of mine recently put on her blog that she is using the cards she made in class, to give as birthday/anniversary cards etc. OH WOW, how brave is she thought I.  Actually, she is right.  Why do I want to save 100s of cards that I have made as they go out of date, they take up space, become unstuck.   I have had great pleasure in making these items and I have a photograph to remind me of how to make them.   So they are now in my birthday card box (boxes) ready to send out, all I have to do now is remember birthdays, which I am terrible at.

Tomorrow I shall be placing an order for the Stamperettes (if any of you are reading this, please get in touch).  As it is the LAST DAY OF THE SALE, dont miss out on 25% discount off 25 stamps.   If you would like to place an order I would be happy to arrange this for you or, you can just click on the "shop now" banner and do an on line order.

This is another lovely little box, full of smarties, that was waiting for us at SS during our weekend away.  Louise made this and it really is a work of art.  As soon as it is empty, I will be having a look at how to make one.

I wonder who will fill it up when it is empty?  Janice filled it up whilst we were there, maybe I have to take it back to SS, now there is a thought.

I hope everyone stays safe from this awful storm that is due, have a lovely Sunday and thank you for taking the time to read my blog today.

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