Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

What wonderful weather we had yesterday, a bit of a frost first thing in the morning and then the sun was shining and it was quite warm.  I was hoping to get outside for an hour or two but when I went out at around 3pm it was freezing cold, maybe I can get out there today.

Not a lot planned for the rest of the day but I do feel a little more human.  Do you remember this awful fabric softner
Well, I decided to use it up so I put it in my sink with hot water and used it as an air freshner.  It makes the house smell lovely, just a pity that the clothes dont smell the same.

Paul will stay off work today as he really is so very ill, coughing and spluttering and a really bad case of man flu.  Hopefully he will rest up, take the tablets and get him self fit again.

Are you ready for Halloween?  Will you get lots of little visitors?? 

I am really pleased to report that at my 'fatclass' yesterday I lost 5 1/2 lbs wow.  I have been so good in the last week that I was hoping to lose all that weight that I put on during my days and nights at the hospital, fingers crossed that I can do a bit more this week too.

Here is another one of the cards that we made at our SS weekend away, not sure if you can see all the glitter that I added, Christmas cards need glitter in my opinion although I know a few ladies that wont agree

Something new from Stampin' Up!

Create oodles of cards quickly and easily with the Holly Jolly Greetings Simply Sent kit. Materials for 12 holiday photo cards: printed cards with die-cut photo notches, note card for handwritten or printed message, closure stickers. Finished card size: 5" x 7". Acid free, lignin free.  Holly Jolly Greetings Simply Sent  Price is £13.50

Stampin' Up! really are bringing us lots and lots of new things and as soon as one offer finishes, there is another one to tempt us.  If you are short of time I am sure that this Kit will be perfect for those personal Christmas Cards.  Have a wonderful Halloween and thanks for visiting today.

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