Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturdays Post

There is still a lot of tea pouring going on in the Anthony household but the difference is, I am on canderel and skimmed milk, good for the diet.

How many books do you have, to get through your everyday life?  Well I like pretty books and pretty writing pads and I am not very practical when it comes to cutting back but, I have been harsh.  I sorted out a shelf in the study and discovered that I had books galore on one shelf, which I thought I needed to survive every day.  I have reduced this to
  • Car documents folder
  • Receipts folder
  • Recipe folder
  • Address book - plus one old address book, just in case
  • Birthday Card book
  • Cash book for the girls (3 girls, lots of bills and allowances etc)
  • Computer notes - my scribbles at the computer 
I have actually removed another 6 books that I haven't looked at in years.  One shelf done and another 20 to go.

For those that didnt know, I suffered from scorisos for many many years, often too embaressed by my hands as they were split, dry, cracking and awful.  Since my mini stroke this has all gone away so I am really pleased to be able to use hand creams, shower gels with perfume and a fabric softner with a smell.  However, I did try this
 Paul asked if the clothes were put away damp?  Did I notice a funny smell?  Had something gone musty? well, we discovered it was the fabric softner, I wont be getting that one again.  I shall stick to this instead.

I thought you may like to see something else that I was given during my recent SS weekend away.

 I am not sure who made it, possibly Louise?  I am sure one of the other ladies will put me right if I am wrong.  I know its another little book but this is in my craft room.... 

Well thank you for having a read and *hello - says me waving* to my newest follower.  Have a lovely day and, if you need any crafting help at all, give me a ring, call for a cuppa or come for a chat.                                                                                                                               

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