Monday, October 28, 2013

A blank Monday

Good morning and another start to another week.  Paul has returned to work, which is hard for us both but fortunately, I shall be off this week.  Umm where are the storms?  We had a little rain but nothing else.  I guess I have to go and listen to the news to see what is happening.

Over the weekend I decided to tackle the craft room, again.  At this rate there wont be a craft room left.  I have been really cruel and disposed of 14 bags (carrier bags) of items.  I have a box of things I shall take to Derby Dabblers to give away and quite a few other bits and bobs to sell.  I wont use them anymore and they really need to be used.  It is so hard to concentrate on anything at the moment, feeling a little in limbo land so sorting the craft room was very theraputic.  Because it all got clean and tidy, Paul came around with the hammer and nails and put up all my wonderful things, here are a couple of photos

Most of the things have been given to me by friends and family as presents.  The wooden heart shelf came back from Holland and is full of the ribbon reels that I keep finding (something else that I hoard).  The little blue sea scene is on a piece of drift wood and I found this during our honeymoon.  Everything has a memory.

Here is another little card that we made during our SS visit.  This was on the Friday evening (we made 4 cards that night), not sure if you can see all the dazzling diamonds on it.  I think it is really cute.

Dont forget today is the LAST DAY OF SALE for the 25th Birthday Celebration from Stampin' Up!  There is an order going in today so if you want anything, you really do need to get in touch with me by 10.00am.

Thank you for having a read and I hope that you have a wonderful start to the week.

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