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Monday, February 29, 2016

Merry Monday No. 9

Good morning on this Merry Monday and with a temperature of -2 today, it does feel wintery.  The forecast is a bit better though at 8 degrees and cloudy.

Apologies for not updating the blog last week, as many of you know, the blog is the first thing to suffer when I am really busy with other tasks and last week really was very busy.  I was here there and everywhere and loved it.  Monday I went out for a meal, Tuesday we had class, Wednesday was sewing, Thursday was a candle party and Friday was our weekend away.  And it was a smashing weekend away.

This week should be a little calmer although I do have lots more card orders and Paul will be leaving towards the end of the week for a while.  I am also off to Mcarthar Glenn and I must have  trip into town at some stage, yikes did I say quieter.

As usual, I share a little something from last Christmas and this time it is a card that we got from Diane

Thank you very much it is lovely.

Last week was the last Crafty Night of February and this is one of the cards that we made

It has been created using the new Number of Years die and co-ordinating Framelits and it is a smashing set.  So many possibilities.  The two together cost £44 but it is one of those sets that is going to pay for itself almost immediately. 

And if you do purchase this set from me, I will add one of the Sale a Bration items, of your choice even though it is £1 short of the £45 minimum. 

Well I had best get a wiggle on and hit that shower.  My car will need scraping brrrr and I shall be at work a little longer today. Thanks for having a read and wishing you a very merry Monday.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Merry Monday No. 8

Good morning on this Merry Monday.  Now just where did the weekend go?

Yesterday I managed to get into town to return a few bits before coming home to a wonderful Roast Chicken lunch that Paul had cooked, followed by Rice Pudding (care of ambrosia, not Paul).  Then it was a quick nip to Sainsburys and B&Q.  Then it was chill and catch up time over coffee with George before nipping off to see Jane.  Home to the ironing and the day was done.

I am really pleased to say that the loft is now just about all boarded out so walking up there is a lot easier.  As we are having work done and people will need to do 'stuff' in the loft, we thought it was best to get it boarded to save any nasty accidents.

I didnt manage to get the chores done so hopefully I can do a few today along with the baking for tomorrows crafty class.

As usual, on a Merry Monday I share a merry something we received at Christmas and today I have a card that we received from Loretta.

A lovely card and the photo just doesnt do it justice.

I have started drawing out my patterns for the bucket bags that I hope to make on Wednesday night at my sewing class.  Once I have them drawn out I shall copy them and let the other ladies have a copy as everyone is really nice and we all share things.  

Right then, breakfast it is followed by a few hours in the office.  Have a great day and thank you so much for nipping in for a read x

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Late night visitors

Good morning from a very warm Derby.  It is over 12 degrees outside, no I didnt miss type, 12.  I hope to get a quick breakfast and showered to get out there to do an hours gardening before the rain arrives.

Yesterday was a lovely day, a really mixed bag, if  you know what I mean.  Once I cleaned up from Friday nights antics (crafting that is), lots and lots of ladies nipped in and out all day.  I was fortunately enough to meet 2 lovely ladies that I hadnt met before a lovely young lad, Seth.   When you get up in a morning you just never know how the day will turn is full of surprises.

We did another couple of bathroom places to try and find the right taps for Christiana and saw another lovely display or two.  I am now saturated with bathroom fixtures, fittings etc. I shall be glad when the work commences and we move on to Kitchen Cupboards and layouts.....or will I?

We had another visitor last night

I shall not say he wasnt welcome but he was a porker and he was a bit of a shock.  This morning there are a couple more out there, all good for the garden.

Here is another card that I made last weekend.  

 I have been asked to make a few more of these cards with names on, how wonderful is that?  Something for me to do later in the week.

CARDMAKING CLASS on Tuesday has 2 spaces if anyone would like to come along to an evening of making cards and a cute little box?  Please get in touch if this is something you would like to do.  The venue is in Alvaston, Derby and we start at 7.30pm.

Best get my breakfast and start the day, thanks for having a read today and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Monday in the sun

Good morning. Well the blog is not playing ball and i have been advised that the programme i do my blog in is rather old and its best to start a new one......gasp. So for  the rest of my holiday i will get by the best i can.

We have had a smashing time so far, spent most of it by the pool due to the heat and have relaxed best that i can. Visitors coming and going all the time and out eating wonderful food.  Today paul and i are hoping to get to the beach for a few hours.

The stamperettes order has been placed and that should be waiting for me when i get back. The pen club order went through and i hope all the ladies can join me on Wednesday 13th July at 7pm for a couple of hours to play with the pens. Then on Friday 15th July it is Christmas Card and chatter club.

Here is a card i made some time ago and the photo has sat here on my blog for a while.

Thanks for having a read and i hope you have a lovely monday x

Friday, February 19, 2016

Curvy Keepsake Tree

Good morning and it is -2 at the moment brrrr.  Its a good job I am up early to defrost the car.

Got to work yesterday.  Took coat off and opened door to hang it in coat cupboard, a bag fell off the top shelf and hit my shoulder before hitting the ground with such a thud.  Someone had put a pair of heavy safety shoes on the shelf but just wedged the bag they were in on the edge of the shelf.  The pain in my shoulder last night was quite bad and it is turning over in bed, lying on my shoulder that woke me up at will be a long day.  But on the positive side, Friday is going to be a great one, cause Fridays always are.

We had a smashing afternoon yesterday crafting away the hours.  Thanks to all the ladies for making it so nice.  Tonight there will be a few more ladies visiting for even more crafting and I am pleased to say, I am all ready for you.
As it is between valentines and Easter, my little tree has been naked, which just isnt right.  So I came up with this (not nice having naked trees).

 A Stampin' Up! curvy keepsake box tree.  Every time we have a crafting session we all make a little curvy keepsake box so I thought I would display mine.

Another card that I have made with lots of glitter on.  I think this is so cute, now just waiting for a birthday.

I am still on my annual crafty clear out so if you fancy a browse over the weekend, why not give me a call and pop in to see what the dressers are holding.  New bits being added daily.

I will go and make Paul a cuppa and get myself ready for the office.  Have a fantastic Friday and thanks for having a read x

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ready, Steady......

Good morning, I dont know where the night went.  No sooner had my head hit the pillow it was time to get up, really.

The craft room is ready, the cake is made, the project sheets are typed and the kits are prepared.

There are still a couple of places left if you fancy a crafty afternoon, just give me a call before 1pm.

I still have to go to work this morning but I will be finishing bang on time and coming home, so looking forward to a crafting afternoon.  I have even got tea organised so Paul can just pop everything in the oven.

Another card that I made last weekend

Thanks for having a read today and I hope you have a lovely Thursday

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Midweek Musing

Good morning from a damp Derby.  The forcast today is rain, rain and a bit more rain which I dont mind at all.  It is the ice and snow I struggle with so rain is just fine.  It also gives us chance to see if Paul's new outbuilding has now had all the leaks cured.  Had a chappie here for 5 hours yesterday drying the building out and putting a varnish on the insides.  The building has been up since November and we cant do any work in it at all due the dampness and leaks.....fingers crossed.

It is half term this week so no sewing class for me but I will be getting out my material and cutting out a few bags to sew up at next weeks class.

A new Weekly Deal today from Stampin' Up!
 So many things that I have my eyes on this week.  Let me know if you would like to order anything and I will get it added on to my list.

Fancy a card making class tomorrow afternoon?  I have a couple of spaces if you do.  We start crafting from 1.30 so doors open at 1ish.  This takes place in Alvaston, Derby.  It would be lovely to see you if you want to join in.  Give me a call on 01332 721877 for more details.

Here is another one of my cards. 

Part of the set I made which I really enjoyed doing.

Best get move on and get ready for the office.  Thank you so much for nipping in today for a read and I hope you have a wonderful (and dry) day.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesdays Twitter

Good morning and thankfully, the snow missed us, phew. I just peeped out the window and all the cars look really frozen again so its gloves and scarf for me this morning.

Yesterday afternoon was non stop doing this and that but boy its worth it.  I dont know how I managed to do all I do and work full time, so pleased that I only do the mornings now. Leaves me a lot more time for doing nice things.

Lots and lots of bargains to be had in the crafty space.  As it is that Spring Clean time and I get ready for the next phase.  Dont forget to check out Facebook, Derby Crafting Marketplace to see what myself and other crafty ladies are passing on to new homes.  If you have something you would like to find a new home for, crafting related only, please join the page.

Here is a card I made recently, in fact it one of a group of 10, so lots to share with you this week.

I have a few ladies that like to call in and grab a card or two so I had to stock up with something a little bit easy on the eye.   Loved making them.

Today Stampin' up! have some new Sale a Bration items, that are FREE when you purchase £45 of goodies.

I have a little order that needs placing so if there is anything that you fancy from any of the catalogues, please do get in touch today and I will submit an order tonight.  Love that bicycle.

Best get a move on if I have to de ice my car.  Have a great day x

Monday, February 15, 2016

Merry Monday 7

Another Monday morning and I am trying my best to make it a Merry One, the frost outside helps, brrr.

Here is a Christmas card received from Helen, thank you very much.

Love this one.  I didnt manage to get my hands on the tree stamp but I can certainly case it for this years cards using Lovely as a Tree.

We had a smashing day yesterday and I managed to get most things done that I wanted to so starting the week with not a lot planned, except the crafting days on Thursday and Friday.

Wishing you a wonderful Monday and thanks for having a read today x

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines

Good morning and brrrr it is cold out there.  I know because I had to put the  finishing touches to Pauls Valentines card and I have to go outside to my crafty space.  Here is the card that I made.

Paul likes one layer cards so this will be fine for this year.

Yesterday wasnt as chilled as I had hoped and I didnt get done half of what I wanted to so fingers crossed, I can get sorted today as well as get ready for my week ahead.

Went to a smashing party last night with Paul. It was a friends 50th, lots of people, lots of food and lots of lovely music. We didnt get home till nearly midnight, tut tut.  An early night tonight.

I shall be putting a Stampin' Up! order in this evening if anyone would like me to add to it?? Give me a call on 01332 721877 and we can see what you would like.  Lots of Stampin' Up! orders have been given out this week and I hope folk have had chance to have a little play.  I would love to see what you have made.

Right ready to start my day.  Enjoy yours and thank you for having a read.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Fantastic Friday

Good morning from a very happy crafter.  It is Friday again whoop whoop.  Mind you, this Friday is going to be one hectic one.  After work its the hairdressers, MOT for the car, visit from Pauls Shed Roof man and then a chilling relaxing evening at the Christmas Card and Chatter club.  I love days like today.

Yesterday wasn't much different, worked a little longer than planned and then a few visitors. Paul arrived home just in time for dinner, which is lovely. Lots of calls from Cyprus and it was 9pm before I sat down.  Housework, well that got missed again, opps.

I ordered a die from Amazon just after Christmas, expecting it to be here at the end of January.  Well I have been in touch with seller but no die has yet arrived.  Has any one else ever had an issue with Amazon and did you manage to get it sorted out?

It was Ruth's birthday earlier this week and here is the card I made

Stampin' Up! Shimmery White card is just perfect for watercolouring and this is what I have used for the image which has then been cut out and decoupaged on top of another image.

Dont forget that on Monday, it is the last day that you can get the following Sale a Bration Items

Because on Tuesday, there are new items being offered to replace them.  Would you like to have a Stampin' Up! party during March?  If you would please let me know and if you need a venue, I can help with that too.

I have a couple of places at the next card making session on Thursday, 18th February from 1.30pm.  This takes place in Alvaston, Derby.  Lots of crafty chatter and plenty of laughter as well as refreshments and home made cakes.  The dressers are full of items for sale and not forgetting the raffle at £1 a ticket.  Please get in touch if you would like to book your place or find out a bit more about it.

Right then, I had best get a wriggle on and start my day.  Thank you so much for having a read, have a fantastic Friday.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mid Week Musing

Good morning from a rather chilly Derby. It isnt going to be too warm today it seems so wrap up warm.  I shall leave home a little earlier just in case I have to de ice the car, as I did yesterday morning, brrrr

Thank you to all the ladies that came out to visit yesterday afternoon and evening.  There were over 20 of us all together in the afternoon and the evening and it was lovely just to sit down and chat.  I am so sorry that not everyone could make it, working late, stuck in traffic etc. but you are most welcome to pop in anytime.  Just let me know in advance. Sending hugs to Ruth and Sheila and hope you both feel well soon.

Arent these flowers lovely? I have them at home at the moment.

I am not too sure how long they will last but I do love fresh flowers.  I am hoping that once the greenhouse is up and running I can start to grow my own flowers that I can cut and bring into the house.  If anyone has any ideas of the best ones to get please, do let me know. The greenhouse is the next project and fingers crossed, we can get that started next week.

Here is a card that I gave out at the weekend. The photograph isnt perfect but it is another card that I loved to make.

I have used the new Number of Years dies for the numbers on this card.  If you havent looked at this bundle, stamp set and dies, you may want to as there are endless possibilities for it.  My new favourite set.

Weekly Deal from Stampin' Up!

My next order will be going in on Sunday so if there is anything that you would like from the weekly deal, the Annual Catalogue, the Spring/Summer Catalogue or the Sale a Bration please do let me know and I can get it for you.  If you need help with placing an order or have some queriers,  why not pop round for a cuppa and a chat.  

Friday is our Christmas Card and Chatter club. If you would like to come armed with your own items to sit to make Christmas cards/tags/presents, it would be lovely to see you.

NEW CLASS DATE - Thursday 18th February at 1.30pm.  I am hoping to have an afternoon session of crafting.  Would you like to come along to make a couple of cards and a little box?  If you would, please let me know by either getting in touch by email, or give me a call on 01332 721877. 

Well enough from me for today, it is a large post isnt it.  Off to get my shower before going into the office for a few hours.  Thank you so much for having a read and I wish you a wonderful Wednesday x

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tuesday at Tracey's

It is going to be a lot cooler today, a high of 6 degrees but the real feel is just 2 degrees brrr. I will wrap up warm.

Today I have a Tuesday at Tracey's.  This is where we sit and have a drink, try some cake and talk craft craft craft.  There are a few crafty bits for sale, you can collect any orders that may have arrived or you can place an order.  You can find out about joining Stampin' Up! or you can just sit and read the brochures and listen to the conversation, the choice is yours.  If you are local to Derby and fancy meeting up, please get in touch for directions.  Kettle is on from 2.00 - 4.00 and again from 6.30 - 8.00.  I do hope you will nip in to say hello.

I shall be placing an order this evening for some items from the Weekly Deal so if you would like to add to the order (postage is 50p if delivered to me), please get in touch before 9pm.  Alternatively, if you wish to have a few things delivered directly to your door (postage is £4.95), why not try doing it through my internet shop that is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  Dont forget to use the hostess code though.

I have finally finished my bag and yesterday I used it for work.

 Started some time ago but now done.

Here is one of the cards that had been left in my 'to finish' box.  I am pleased to say that I have now finished it and it has progressed to the card to go box.
Thanks for having a read  and I hope you have a great day, whatever you are up to x

Monday, February 8, 2016

Merry Monday No. 6

Monday morning and another Merry Monday on the blog.  We received this stunning card from Paula at Christmas.

Thank you very much, its lovely.  Yes I have kept all the cards, I am not sure what I will do with them but I have kept them.

So just where did the weekend go?  I spent most of mine in the craft room and my box of cards to finish is nearly empty.  I am very impressed with myself.

I didnt get to sweep outside, so lots of moss everywhere and I didnt do one bit of gardening either.  Fingers crossed I can get to do both of these tasks today.

Tomorrow is Tuesday at Tracey's and it would be lovely if you could come along.  I am baking this afternoon so fresh cakes to go along with the drinks.

Just to remind you of the offer that Stampin' Up! have during Sale a Bration.

That means that you get £160 worth of Stampin' Up! goodies for £99.  Please do get in touch if you would like more details or why not pop in tomorrow and I can tell you more.  It is easier than you think.

Off to get a shower and get in to work, I have to be home on time today as the garage men are coming back....again.  What is it with workmen and not getting what you pay for???

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday Scene

Good morning and brrr, it is only 3 degrees outside.

Not up quite so early today but feel rather tired.  I did have a rather late night so I will have an earlier one tonight, unless I can manage a nana nap this afternoon.

My friend Leslie retired from work recently and here is the card that I made for her.

Something a little different and one I enjoyed making.

I didnt manage to get out into the garden yesterday or sweep away the moss due to all the rain so its a job I have to do at some stage today.  It's a pity I cant collect the moss for baskets as I have tons of it.

If you are on facebook and would like to grab yourself a little bargain,  pop into the Derby Crafting Marketplace to see what pre loved items are being parted with.  You might find some great offers.

Thanks for popping in today and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

a ME day

YIPEE its the weekend, can you tell I am excited? Sat here having my first cuppa at half 5 in the morning

Yesterday after work I went and had a stroll around the supermarket and did the weekly shop.  Well there is only me at home so it was quite easy, ice cream, strawberries, chocolate, eggs and flour, some meat and veg, done.  Then I came home to no internet connection.  How would I manage without the internet?  It really was a problem for me, I had to order something for Katerina, update the blog, talk to Christiana via Viber and catch up with everyone on Facebook.  It's no wonder I dont have time to do the housework is it, I am always on the computer.  Anyway, it was good being without it as it meant I did get a few chores done and then Paul helped me it and get re connected.

The afternoon whizzed by and before I knew it, time for Shetland.  I must say that I am hooked on all the dramas, Monday and Tuesday Silent Witness, Wednesday it is Midsommer Murder, Thursday is a bit easy as it is Death in Paradise, Friday Shetland and Saturday, after the voice, I watch Mr. Selfridge from Friday night.  In the Summer, I dont watch tv from one week to the next but in the Winter, 9pm and that is it, me in my pjs in front of the box.

Speaking of boxes

We made this last week and I already have planned the one we are making at next months Crafty Week.  But today, I shall be making a frog as we have been wondering if the little make above is a frog or a turtle.

Here are my thank you cards for the month of February.

 I have had great fun creating these from the Number of Years Stamp Set which has a matching dies This is the first of many cards I have in mind for this set.  
 I am lucky enough to have a day in the craft room, moving things around slightly and have a general tidy up and play. I was toying with the idea of going to the craft show at the motorcycle museum in Birmingham but I really dont need anything at the moment and I have so many lovely things that I want to use up so I am staying in the Crafty Space instead.   In between, if the weather is fine I hope to give everywhere a good sweep outside as the moss has been falling off our roof.  And then I shall start with a little gardening, the first time this year. 

I am having a Tuesday at Traceys next week, on Tuesday the 9th from 2 - 4.00 and again from 6.30 - 8.00pm.  It would be lovely if you could come along for a catch up over a cuppa and some home made cakes.   Lots of SU bits and pieces about as well as the latest catalogues, if you fancy a browse through them.  If you are not sure where the Crafty Space is, let me know and I can send you the directions.

Right then, off for breakfast and to start my ME day. Thanks for having a read and wishing you a wonderful day x  

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Midweek Musing

Good morning and brrrr, I am so cold.  I just hope the 'flu' doesnt return.

Yesterday was hectic, but then again all my days are.  After the morning at work it was a quick trip into town as I  picked up the wrong sized top for a birthday present so had to change it.  Then it was home to sort out a few bits before going to visit doc.

It seems that I have Seborrheic Kertosis which is a growth on my face that has to be removed.  Doc says it doesnt look like a nasty one but it has to be sent off for tests.  They dont know when I can have this removed and I have been added to a list and have to wait but, in the meantime, this growth may just drop off and if it does, I have to take it to the docs so they can send it away for tests...yikes.  Then it was off to the bank, the local shop and home for tea, followed by a visit to drop off cards and presents. What a busy day, lets hope today is a little quieter.

It is my brother and sister in laws birthday today and here is the card that I made for them.

I love this stamp and have used it and used it and used it.  I received it as a present and it has really been used such a lot for all different occasions, a great present.

Well today is the day that we get a new weekly deal and tonight, I am putting in yet another little order.  Goodness me, we are all a forgetful bunch.  I have a couple of things to get for someone who is only here for a few days so the order will be placed at 5pm.  If you would like anything adding to this order please, do let me know before 5pm.
Some great offers this week, dont miss out.  I am in the process of getting everything organised for the one off 'Lovely as a Tree' class which is great fun....more details to follow.

I had best get my coat on to get to work.  Have a wonderful day and thanks for having a read x

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesdays Twitter

Yesterday Paul left for a few days to work away so now I am home alone.

I spent a couple of hours sorting out the kitchen, cleaning, throwing things out, putting on my nice table cloth and that made me feel quite a lot better.  Today I will do the everything room and by the time Paul comes back, the house will have had a spring clean.

Some friends recently had a new grandson and here is the card that I made for them, using a retired Stampin' Up! Stamp set

I loved making this and will be making a few more to add to my box.

Did you want to order anything from Stampin' Up? I have a little order to place tonight for someone who forgot to ask for it at the weekend oopss.  If there is anything that you would like please, do let me know and we can get it sorted for you. If you have any queries or questions about SU products, please get in touch to see if I can help.

Have you ever thought about being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator?  if you have now is the ideal time as you get £160 worth of Stampin' Up! products, that you choose, for the price of £99.  You can then be a hobby demonstrator where you order for yourself, family and friends or you can demonstrate at parties and make extra money for purchasing even more crafting supplies.  If you would like a little more information please, do give me a ring and I can give you more details.

Well I had best get to work as I am a bit late.  The alarm went off and Paul rang at 6am but I turned over and went back to sleep  never mind. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Merry Monday No. 5

Good morning on this Merry Monday and white rabbbits too.  It is 12.2 degrees outside and it isnt 5.30am yet, lovely.

Onto the handmade Christmas card that we received from Jane M which is lovely. 
Thank you Jane.  This has been made with Lovely as a Tree stamp set from Stampin' Up! which has to be my all time favourite stamp set as well as the most popular one.  I am in the process of getting a Lovely as a Tree crafting evening organised where we shall make 10 cards using this stamp set.  As soon as its all ready, I will put details of where and when, here on the blog.

Today Katerina starts her Exams for 'The Bar' over in Cyprus.  She has been revising since the end of October, for at least 8 hours every day.  She has to take 10 exams (today there are 2) over the next 2 weeks.  If she passes 7 of them, she can retake the remaining 3 in June.  If she passes 6 or less, she has to retake all 10 again in September, yikes.

Yesterday Christiana flew to Cyprus for a few weeks for a bit of warmth and sunshine (fingers crossed).  It was very strange not to have her to talk to last night and I know that I am going to miss her company.

Last week was Crafty Week and what a smashing week it was.  It was so lovely to catch up with everyone and we made some wonderful Stampin' Up! projects.

Here is one of the cards we made, for the men in our lives

This was made by inking up, with a brayer, the World Traveller Embossing Folder in Sahara Sand and then running it with the card inside, through the big shot.  Papers from Going Places Designer Set were cut up and placed under a stamped image from the Going Global stamp set.  The sentiments we used were from various different stamp sets. 

The next Crafty Week in in February, there is one place available on Tuesday 23rd however, if you fancy a crafting afternoon on Thursday 18th February please let me know.  If there are at least 4 people we can have an afternoon of making a couple of cards, a couple of tags and a lovely little box for Easter.

Did you know that the Stampin' Up! Sale a Bration continues throughout February?   This is where you get FREE products for every £45 you spend and there are some wonderful new crafting items available in the new catalogue.  If you would like to find out more, see some of the products or come along to have a look at some of the cards we have made with Stampin' Up! goodies, I am having a Tuesday at Traceys next week on 9th February.  Kettle will be on from 2-4 and again from 6.30 - 8.30 so please, feel free to call in.  If you would like directions please give me a ring on 01332 721877.

Well I had best get a wiggle on and jump in the shower, got to do a few hours in the proper job today.  Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful day  x