Sunday, February 21, 2016

Late night visitors

Good morning from a very warm Derby.  It is over 12 degrees outside, no I didnt miss type, 12.  I hope to get a quick breakfast and showered to get out there to do an hours gardening before the rain arrives.

Yesterday was a lovely day, a really mixed bag, if  you know what I mean.  Once I cleaned up from Friday nights antics (crafting that is), lots and lots of ladies nipped in and out all day.  I was fortunately enough to meet 2 lovely ladies that I hadnt met before a lovely young lad, Seth.   When you get up in a morning you just never know how the day will turn is full of surprises.

We did another couple of bathroom places to try and find the right taps for Christiana and saw another lovely display or two.  I am now saturated with bathroom fixtures, fittings etc. I shall be glad when the work commences and we move on to Kitchen Cupboards and layouts.....or will I?

We had another visitor last night

I shall not say he wasnt welcome but he was a porker and he was a bit of a shock.  This morning there are a couple more out there, all good for the garden.

Here is another card that I made last weekend.  

 I have been asked to make a few more of these cards with names on, how wonderful is that?  Something for me to do later in the week.

CARDMAKING CLASS on Tuesday has 2 spaces if anyone would like to come along to an evening of making cards and a cute little box?  Please get in touch if this is something you would like to do.  The venue is in Alvaston, Derby and we start at 7.30pm.

Best get my breakfast and start the day, thanks for having a read today and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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Buffy said...

Your visitor is cute but the card is far more adorable.

Buffy x