Saturday, February 6, 2016

a ME day

YIPEE its the weekend, can you tell I am excited? Sat here having my first cuppa at half 5 in the morning

Yesterday after work I went and had a stroll around the supermarket and did the weekly shop.  Well there is only me at home so it was quite easy, ice cream, strawberries, chocolate, eggs and flour, some meat and veg, done.  Then I came home to no internet connection.  How would I manage without the internet?  It really was a problem for me, I had to order something for Katerina, update the blog, talk to Christiana via Viber and catch up with everyone on Facebook.  It's no wonder I dont have time to do the housework is it, I am always on the computer.  Anyway, it was good being without it as it meant I did get a few chores done and then Paul helped me it and get re connected.

The afternoon whizzed by and before I knew it, time for Shetland.  I must say that I am hooked on all the dramas, Monday and Tuesday Silent Witness, Wednesday it is Midsommer Murder, Thursday is a bit easy as it is Death in Paradise, Friday Shetland and Saturday, after the voice, I watch Mr. Selfridge from Friday night.  In the Summer, I dont watch tv from one week to the next but in the Winter, 9pm and that is it, me in my pjs in front of the box.

Speaking of boxes

We made this last week and I already have planned the one we are making at next months Crafty Week.  But today, I shall be making a frog as we have been wondering if the little make above is a frog or a turtle.

Here are my thank you cards for the month of February.

 I have had great fun creating these from the Number of Years Stamp Set which has a matching dies This is the first of many cards I have in mind for this set.  
 I am lucky enough to have a day in the craft room, moving things around slightly and have a general tidy up and play. I was toying with the idea of going to the craft show at the motorcycle museum in Birmingham but I really dont need anything at the moment and I have so many lovely things that I want to use up so I am staying in the Crafty Space instead.   In between, if the weather is fine I hope to give everywhere a good sweep outside as the moss has been falling off our roof.  And then I shall start with a little gardening, the first time this year. 

I am having a Tuesday at Traceys next week, on Tuesday the 9th from 2 - 4.00 and again from 6.30 - 8.00pm.  It would be lovely if you could come along for a catch up over a cuppa and some home made cakes.   Lots of SU bits and pieces about as well as the latest catalogues, if you fancy a browse through them.  If you are not sure where the Crafty Space is, let me know and I can send you the directions.

Right then, off for breakfast and to start my ME day. Thanks for having a read and wishing you a wonderful day x  

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