Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beautiful Wings

I havent been able to access blogger the last couple of days. I wasnt sure if it was my computer or but today I get here and there are a couple of new features so maybe it was I wonder if anyone else is having similar troubles?

Friday night we went off to Sue's house, played at being furniture removers and redesigned her kitchen for more than 12 people to have a couple of hours of crafting. I really enjoyed myself and I hope that everyone there did too. Here is one of the cards that we made. I saw a card very similar to this on Jens blog and fell in love with it. Jen didnt mind me using her idea for our crafting night, as I did ask her first. To see the original card, just click here which will take you Jen's blog

We used one of the stamps from the Vintage Vouge set and the lovely beautiful wings emboslit die. Teamed up with pretty in pink ribbon, card and ink, or rich razzleberry, or melon mambo the cards turned out just perfect, especially when the tiny little pearls were added.

At the end of the evening it was furniture removals once more but this time in the rain. We were all lucky enough to have one of Sue's amazing cup cakes and I saw the biggest box of chocolatates that I have ever seen in my life, it was huge and it had two layers and I must admit, I did sample one or two of them (okay so maybe it was 3 or 4).

Thanks for having a read and hopefully I will be able to post more later in the week. Have a lovely day.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Today is going to be sunny so the weather man says but we shall see. It is already 16.8 degrees outside and we have been told its to be a hot one but I shall be keeping cool. No plans on going out of the house for me until tonight as I have lots and lots of crafting bits and pieces to put away from my night out last Friday, but more about that another day.

I promised to to tell you all the about the bead counting
Here is one of the bags of beads, I have about 12000 beads which I want to decorate the tables with at my wedding. And here is the protype floral decoration that I want to have on the tables
If you click on the picture you can see that I have put some beads in the bottom of the vase. I thought to make life easier, it would be a good idea to get bags of the beads ready for the big day, so that I can just empty them straight into the vases. Can you imagine me and the girls with a couple of big bags of beads tipping them into the vases, the beads would go everywhere and we would spend ages collecting them all up.
So I got coissants, fruit cake and a kettle full of boiling water ready for tea and coffee and at 10a.m. yesterday started to count out 300 beads per bag. I had thought that I could weigh them out but the little blighters dont weigh anything lol. It only took a couple of hours and I am sure it will save me lots of time on the big day.

I just had to share this wonderful present I received on Friday night.

Sue held a stampin' up! workshop at her house and at at the end of the evening (which was a lovely one), Sue gave me this wonderful box and inside was one of my favourite products, Sanctuary Hand Creme, I love everything by Sanctury.

Thank you Sue and a big wave to all the ladies I met, I hope you enjoyed the evening as much as I did.

Now I had best start putting away all the things I took with me to Sue's. Thanks for stopping by for a read this morning and I hope you enjoy your Sunday

Friday, June 24, 2011

Say hi to Ollie

Here he is, the newest member of our family, meet Ollie. He really is adorable and I know that Christiana, Sophia and Katerina are all really excited about meeting him. Less that 4 weeks to go and they will get to see him, hold him and probably want to take him back to Cyprus with them.

I made my second nappy cake. As we thought Kelly was going to have a BIG baby, I used big nappies which I couldnt find in plain white (not in the brand mum told me to get anyway). So armed with present galore and the nappy cake I went visiting and wow, I still cant get over how small he is.

Goodness, if the girls are going to be here in less than 4 weeks that means that I am getting married in just over 4 weeks lol. Am I ready, no but hay, I will be.

My first day at work came and went, thank you for all your good wishes. At least today I can really have that Friday feeling YEAH. After work I am going to a friends house as she is hosting a Stampin' Up! party and guess who the demonstrator is, yes me. I cant think of a nicer way to start the weekend.

Thanks for having a read and if anyone fancies counting out little beads on saturday morning, please do feel free to drop in around 10a.m. for an hour. You have to be able to count to 300 though...all will be revealed on Sunday.

Have a great Friday

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back to work

Off to work this morning and after more than 9 weeks at home, it feels a bit strange.

I got to meet Ollie yesterday and he is such a cutie. I will post a photograph of him tomorrow. Its amazing how you forget the tinyness of new born babies. I managed to hold him for a while but it was only because he was awake and hungry and what do hungry babies do....yep they cry, bless him.

I thought I would show you the Father's Day card that I made for my dad

and here is a close up of it

I love cute little cards. I also love my new little pink stilettos. Arent they lovely?

Well I had best not be late for my first day back, thanks for having a read and, as usual, hope your day is lovely.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Birthday Card

Up quite early this morning, you would have thought that I would have a lie in as its my last day off work but I do have a few things to do today to make going to work tomorrow a little easier.

I managed to go into town yesterday, got some new trousers that fit me and a jacket. Also treated myself in boots well, you have to sometimes dont you. Had a lovely lunch with lovely company and then it was back home. Unfortuantely I didnt get to meet Ollie yesterday but hopefully today I will.

As promised, here is the card that I made for Jaynes birthday

and here is a bit of a close up of it
You cant see the hint of glitter on the card but it's there.

I am struggling with emails at the minute. Although I am sending them out I really have doubts that they are being received or if they are received, I am not getting replies but I will continue with this computer for a while longer (no choice).

Have a lovely day, whatever you are up to and thank you for having a read

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesdays Twitterings

What a turn in the weather, who knows what we are going to get in a day, lots of sun, followed by the wind and then rain, goodness, isnt this supposed to be summer?

Some great news, Ollie was born on Saturday morning. Kelly had a pretty rough few days but she is home now with her new little baby boy. I cant wait to go and meet him. Here is the card that I made using all Stamping' Up! products

Happy Birthday Jayne - yes it's Jaynes birthday today. I cant show you the card that I made for her as I know she looks at the blog and she wont get her card until later this morning, something to share with you tomorrow.

I am off into town for an hour this morning, I have to try and purchase some work trousers and a spring jacket as I am going back to work on Thursday. I have lost a bit of weight since I was last there (more than 9 weeks ago) and I cant go back with trousers that threaten to fall down, what a laugh that would be. I also have to find some pure white thickish hankies for the wedding. The boys have decided not to have buttonholes but to have hankies instead, it will do me good to have a wander around.

Thanks for having a read and hope you have a really nice day

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cheers at Spondon Dabblers

The forecast today is for a very windy and wet day, just perfect for staying indoors, which is what I shall be doing for most of it.

Last night was the first Spondon Dabblers get together, which was a lovely evening. There were 9 of us chatting away and have a dabble at a glass card. Unfortunately Lesley who was going to demo the card wasnt well and couldnt make it (we missed you) so I had to improvise, which I love doing. I received a lovely glass card from Lesley for my birthday but for me to show everyone how to make it, I had to take Lesley's card apart. I did put it all back together again though.

Here is the one that I made
and here is one that Buffy made
Hopefully, the others will post theirs onto the Derby Dabblers Blog for you to have a look at.

It did me a world of good getting out last night and it was wonderful to sit and chat the night away. If you fancy coming along in July, just keep checking HERE for all the details.

My niece, Kelly, is still in labour and we are all very anxious for news. She hasnt had a very good time of it but we are thinking of her and wishing her well. I have the baby card all ready and waiting, just name and date to add. Fingers crossed that it wont be too long now, bless her. She has been in hospital having baby for over 40 hours as I type this....I will keep you posted.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments, which I just love to read. I am also slowly but surely getting round all the blogs that I have not been able to visit due to the computer issues and wow, such a lot of inspiration.

Have a wonderful Saturday and thanks for taking the time to have a read today.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Birth Day

Today I have that Friday feeling which is good, a bit of a surprise as its a while since I was at work but hay, nothing wrong in being excited as its the weekend.

Today is THE BIRTH DAY we hope. My neice went into hospital last night to have her first baby. It will be the first baby of our immediately family since the twins, 18 years ago. Kelly (mum to be) went in at 4.00p.m. and so far, no news. Her mum, my sister, has spent most of the night with her and was back at the hospital very early this morning so I am just waiting for the telephone call.

It is also Paula's birthday today, so a big happy birthday to Paula. I cant believe that I didnt take a photograph of the card I made for Paula, just goes to show that my memory isnt too good at all at the moment. Oh well, I shall just have to make another one wont I.

Here is a card that I got from my daughter in Cyprus, Christiana.
Christiana is currently on the countdown as to when she is coming to the UK for my wedding and there arent too many days left at all.

Thanks for having a read and hope that you have a wonderful day, whatever you are up to.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


The sun is out early today but we have been told that it wont last, showers are forecast for later today, which is good for the gardens if nothing else.
Yesterday I was a lady that lunches, I met up with a few fantastic friends for lunch, what a laugh we had. It did me the world of good to get out of the house and do nothing, thank you so much for a wonderful few hours and please, can we do it again????
There is a new craft club starting tomorrow night, Spondon Dabblers. It starts from 6.30p.m. at Spondon Village hall and all details can be found HERE. If you fancy a few hours of being with likeminded people and making a few new crafty friends, why not pay a visit?
I managed to get a few little jobs done yesterday and hope to do a few more today. I also plan on spending an hour or two in the craft room, just to be sure that my mojo is still there. I have lots and lots of strips of card so I have been trying to use these up by making gift tags, something that I always run out of, here are few that I have made the past few weeks.

and some close ups, but you cant see all the sparkle and shine.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely day.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stampin' Up! Thank Yous

Mum had a lovely 70th birthday yesterday and she certainly had the sun shining on her all day. We had a lovely meal last night, 17 of us, family, friends and neighbours. She received wonderful presents and cards and flowers and the list could go on and on.

Paul is home with me for a few days so we are going to spend some time pottering around the house and doing some little jobs that we keep putting off. The time is getting closer and closer for me to shut up shop in the craft room department and get it back as a bedroom but I keep putting it off.....naughty me.

I thought I would show you these thank you cards I made a few weeks ago. I took the idea from another crafter and as soon as I find her blog, I will add a link. Looking through blogs at the moment is a very difficult process with this computer so I am so sorry that I havent been to visit you lately but I will get there...eventually.

I have used one of the stamps from the Vintage Vogue stamp set on this card and lots of different SU ink colours...I hope you like them

I couldnt resist putting some dazzling diamonds on some of them and you can just see it on the last photograph.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely day


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesdays Twitterings

I cant believe it has been so long since I have been on blogger. So many things have happened preventing me from visiting. The computer that I was using decided to blow a fuse, litterally. It was taken to the computer doctor who said it could be fixed and then the next day he told me it couldn't. Yikes, a new computer is now on the wish list. In the meantime, Paul put his old computer in the study for me, set it all up and hay, blogger decides to blow a fuse. I dont know who else has experienced problems in trying to update blogger but I certainly did. Whilst I can use this computer, it is so slowwww, I mean really slowwwww. I can only have one application open at a time and I know, people will say "well why do you need more than one application open anyway" and I dont have an answer expcept "I do".
And then there is life, normal life that has just got in the way. I have been at home for a few weeks and I am slowly but surely recharging my batteries. I will be returning to work next week so I think things will get back to normal...anyway, enough of my ranting.
Today is mums birthday and to celebrate all the family are going out for dinner tonight. I really cant remember the last time that we were all together. As you can guess, I have made a card for her

The sun is shining in Derby, which has to be a good sign for a good day.

Thanks for having a read and please, do leave a comment, just so that I know you have been and had a read.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

White Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit,

1st June today, goodness, do you realise that I only have just over 7 weeks until my wedding, yikes. I am still not getting into a panic about it, just enjoying the countdown.

Look what the postman left for me
Thank you Jacquie. I love this style of card and when I am up to it, I will definately be having a go at this shape, so unusual.

The sun is out this morning and if we can believe the weather forecast, it is going to be getting a lot warmer for the rest of the week and weekend, which means that I can spend some time pottering around the garden and getting my little corner all nice and pretty. At the moment it has lots of empty pots and bags of stones, not looking very tidy at all. Speaking of gardens and sinshine, this was my little poppy yesterday morning, lovely with one flower open
and I was fortunate to witness another flower opening in the sinshine later in the afternoon
There are another 3 more little buds on the plant something to look forward to watching. The lilly that I had on my birthday has got a few extra leaves and buds galore, I cant wait for them to start opening and here is a very of the buds
As you can tell, I am not up to doing a lot of crafting at the moment but I am getting great pleasure in the garden.
Thanks for having a read today and I do hope that you will leave me a comment, just so that I know you have been to visit and I can come and read your news on your blog. Have a lovely day.