Wednesday, June 1, 2011

White Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit,

1st June today, goodness, do you realise that I only have just over 7 weeks until my wedding, yikes. I am still not getting into a panic about it, just enjoying the countdown.

Look what the postman left for me
Thank you Jacquie. I love this style of card and when I am up to it, I will definately be having a go at this shape, so unusual.

The sun is out this morning and if we can believe the weather forecast, it is going to be getting a lot warmer for the rest of the week and weekend, which means that I can spend some time pottering around the garden and getting my little corner all nice and pretty. At the moment it has lots of empty pots and bags of stones, not looking very tidy at all. Speaking of gardens and sinshine, this was my little poppy yesterday morning, lovely with one flower open
and I was fortunate to witness another flower opening in the sinshine later in the afternoon
There are another 3 more little buds on the plant something to look forward to watching. The lilly that I had on my birthday has got a few extra leaves and buds galore, I cant wait for them to start opening and here is a very of the buds
As you can tell, I am not up to doing a lot of crafting at the moment but I am getting great pleasure in the garden.
Thanks for having a read today and I do hope that you will leave me a comment, just so that I know you have been to visit and I can come and read your news on your blog. Have a lovely day.

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Sue said...

Morning Tracey lovely photos and i hope you enjoyed the beautifull weather in your garden and love the card it was even better in real life take care Luv Sue x