Friday, June 24, 2011

Say hi to Ollie

Here he is, the newest member of our family, meet Ollie. He really is adorable and I know that Christiana, Sophia and Katerina are all really excited about meeting him. Less that 4 weeks to go and they will get to see him, hold him and probably want to take him back to Cyprus with them.

I made my second nappy cake. As we thought Kelly was going to have a BIG baby, I used big nappies which I couldnt find in plain white (not in the brand mum told me to get anyway). So armed with present galore and the nappy cake I went visiting and wow, I still cant get over how small he is.

Goodness, if the girls are going to be here in less than 4 weeks that means that I am getting married in just over 4 weeks lol. Am I ready, no but hay, I will be.

My first day at work came and went, thank you for all your good wishes. At least today I can really have that Friday feeling YEAH. After work I am going to a friends house as she is hosting a Stampin' Up! party and guess who the demonstrator is, yes me. I cant think of a nicer way to start the weekend.

Thanks for having a read and if anyone fancies counting out little beads on saturday morning, please do feel free to drop in around 10a.m. for an hour. You have to be able to count to 300 though...all will be revealed on Sunday.

Have a great Friday

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Sue said...

Ahhhhhhhh Tracey little Ollie is soooooo cute and i just love the nappy cake what a good idea you will have to do a lesson of how to make it
very intrigued on counting beads !!!!! Luv Sue x