Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cheers at Spondon Dabblers

The forecast today is for a very windy and wet day, just perfect for staying indoors, which is what I shall be doing for most of it.

Last night was the first Spondon Dabblers get together, which was a lovely evening. There were 9 of us chatting away and have a dabble at a glass card. Unfortunately Lesley who was going to demo the card wasnt well and couldnt make it (we missed you) so I had to improvise, which I love doing. I received a lovely glass card from Lesley for my birthday but for me to show everyone how to make it, I had to take Lesley's card apart. I did put it all back together again though.

Here is the one that I made
and here is one that Buffy made
Hopefully, the others will post theirs onto the Derby Dabblers Blog for you to have a look at.

It did me a world of good getting out last night and it was wonderful to sit and chat the night away. If you fancy coming along in July, just keep checking HERE for all the details.

My niece, Kelly, is still in labour and we are all very anxious for news. She hasnt had a very good time of it but we are thinking of her and wishing her well. I have the baby card all ready and waiting, just name and date to add. Fingers crossed that it wont be too long now, bless her. She has been in hospital having baby for over 40 hours as I type this....I will keep you posted.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments, which I just love to read. I am also slowly but surely getting round all the blogs that I have not been able to visit due to the computer issues and wow, such a lot of inspiration.

Have a wonderful Saturday and thanks for taking the time to have a read today.

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