Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Morning Shoes

Monday morning Blues Shoes (this photo is not of my shoes, I pinched it from the internet, it is just a photo).

Everyday I struggle to find my shoes, not because I leave them where I shouldnt but because I have so many of embaressed to say exactly how many pairs of flip flops, sandles, beach shoes, boots, work shoes I have but, I do only have one pair of trainers.  So today, my task is to sort them out, what I wear and what I dont, do a charity shop run and put a couple of expensive pairs on the tinternet.  That should hopefully make my mornings a little easier and as Paul says, the house will give out a big sigh of relief.

What a busy day yesterday was, after a few bits and pieces in the morning *says she with NO washing and NO ironing* Paul and I went out for a few hours.  Came home and the grandchildren came round so we played with Shrink Plastic.  Oh they loved that, we made butterflies for them to put on their school bags, pencil cases etc.  Photos - not one.  Even the one I made to show them how to do it got taken back to their house.  It was lovely to see their little faces light up when everything started to shrink and wrinkle up.  Then of course we had to root through nanas ribbon to see what would look best (how many reels of ribbon do you need nana - opps).

We did manage to fast forward Satrudays X Factor show plus Sundays X Factor before Downton Abbey started so I did go to bed feeling that I caught up with the telly.

Fancy a cuppa and a biscuit tomorrow?  Tuesday at Traceys from half 1 in the afternoon for a couple of hours or after half 7 tomorrow night for a couple of hours.  Lots of time to order crafting up goodies, look at what is new, see what we made at the last craft class, book for the next class,  meet some new friends, collect orders, just put your feet up for a while and have a crafty chat.  If you want to find out about joinging stamping up with their new £25 offer, I can tell you all about that too.  Just call in and, if you dont know where I am, give me a call on 01332 721877 after half past 7 today and I can give you directions and an address.

Well todays card is the October 'Thank Yous"

 And a bit of a close up, to see that dazzling detail.
I saw this (or something very similar) on the tinternet some time ago and I have tweaked it a little.  I loved making these and I do hope that everyone that gets one likes it.  If you would like to have a go at making this card, I am very happy to show you how.

Right, best get a wiggle on, thanks for having a read and I hope that your start to the week is a good one.

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