Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Tuesdays Twitter and its really mild out there today.  I hear that we are going to get some storms though, yikes. 

Sophia arrived back in Athens safe and sound and even said that the flight was a good one, which is a great thing to hear.  I am not quite sure what is going to happen in Athens now with the new political party but it will be interesting to follow.  Katerina is back in full swing for uni in Preston, bless her.  I guess most of her life will now be in the library.  Christiana, unfortunately, is full of cold and not very well at all.  I do hope that she picks up soon.

Well today I am off to see councellor before coming home and going back in the crafty space.  I really do have the card making buzz and its lovely.  I am doing some serious playing with the Sheltering Tree from Stampin' Up! and the more I use it, the more I love it.  I am also hoping to do a few penny black cards today as my birthday box is rather short of those.  If you need a card or two, I have plenty.  Do feel free to come round and have a look.

Fancy crafting this evening? there area  couple of places available if you would like to make a couple of cards and tags, just get in touch.

Here is a card that I made the other night using the So Kind stamps.  This stamp set has lots of possibilities too.

Paul didnt go away YEAH.  He was supposed to go today but his trip has been postponed for a couple of days so I guess he will be starting in his garage tonight.

Must get a wiggle on, have a great day and thanks for nipping in for a read.   

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