Thursday, March 12, 2015

Blog post on Thursday (I couldnt think of a title)

Just back from my second morning at work.  I cant tell you how fast the morning has flow by, I guess its because I am so busy.

So its back home, lunch over with and lots of things that are selling.  All the games we had at our wedding have just been sold to a lovely lady from Cardiff.  She saw the things advertised on Gum Tree and wished we lived closer and the very next day she went to work and was told she had to work in Derby for a day OMG.  Fate or what.  So she came for the games, loved them and we filled her car up.  That has made a little more room in the house.

Mum had her op and she loved her card.  She was not in pain last night when we saw her and today she is out of bed.  She is attached to lots of machines, has oxygen and a drip but she is not in any pain (she is also attached to a morphine pump).  We will nip and see her again later today.

Here is a card that I made for Katerina using the Best of Flowers stamp set along with a couple of background stamps.

 She hasnt received it yet but she doesnt look at the blog so no fear of her seeing it before it arrives.  Katerina and her roomie Natalie received a council tax bill towards the end of last year.  Katerina rang them and said they were students so they didnt believe they had to pay the bill, the council said that is correct, thanks for letting us know.  A couple of months ago the girls got a letter - FINAL DEMAND, again Katerina rang, told them they were students, they were thanked, the lady at the end of the phone took details and then told the girls, dont worry, thats the end of it.  Today she has recieved a bill for £700 as the case went to court and these are the fees and the bill will rise, what.  I have to make a phone call in a while to see what is happening as this is awful.  Katerina and Natalie are asking how can this happen?  They spoke to the same person who told them is was all okay.  Why has time been wasted, a court case, an invoice sent and now this?  I said dont worry, I will see what I can do and they said oh, we arent worried, we just find it very unusual......what more can I tell them.

Right, off to start my afternoon, thanks for having a read and hopefully, I will get in craft room tomorrow x

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