Tuesday, March 17, 2015

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No time to get blog done before I went to work.....why does it take me an hour and half to shower, wash and dry hair, get dressed and eat breakfast??? And that was a mad rush too.

Work done, then went to a Sainsburys for a quick visit, B&Q to get a few bits and before I came home, Wilkos, Boots and Manor pharmacy as mum is looking for nutrogena lip balm?  If you see any of this, please let me know as no one has it in stock.   Then it was a visit to mum who is still not in pain, just discomfort.  Mum and Dad went on the web and saw a shoulder replacement operation YAKS.  At least she knows what they have done to her now.

So its sitting here with a cuppa writing my blog before getting tea on.....and I want to do a bit the garden too.

Can you believe that yesterday I was in all day, waiting for a couple of deliveries and by 6pm, I gave up.  At half past 7 there was a knock at the door, a lovely young lady asked, could you tell me your name please, I asked why.  She said that she had received some mail at her home, which she thought was mine.  I told her who I was and yep, it was my parcels, a couple of bills and a stamp set that I had ordered.  All gone to the right house number but 3 streets away?  how wrong is that.  I am so pleased that this young girl brought them round to me. 

Look what has arrived

I have quite a few of these  in the crafty space and will happily get more when these run out.

Yesterday I manage to have a play with Moon Lake stamp set from Stampin' Up! and I must say, I am really liking it.  Here is one of the cards I made (I did make 5 but I dont want to overload you).

It is a lovely set at a good price.  We will be using this set during crafty week, speaking of which, there are 2 places left on Tuesday 24th March at 7pm.  Also some seats on Wednesday at 2pm and Friday at 7pm.  Just get in touch if you would like more details.

Paul will be going away this weekend, boo hoo so, to help me with the coffees next week, I have got my hands on a pump action flask and I am just keeping my fingers crossed that it arrives in time.  I really really do need to get more organised. If it doesnt arrive in time, I wonder if there is a kind soul who would like to come along on Tuesday evening and give me a hand?

Right then, off to do a few chores before cooking sausage and mash with onion gravy then hopefully, an hour in the garden.  I do so much want it to look pretty.  Thanks for having a read and hope you have a pleasant evening.

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