Wednesday, August 9, 2017

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Good morning.

I managed a bit of a potter yesterday and believe it or not, my ironing basket is empty.  Whit Whoo, just in time for Paul to bring some more home after 10 days away.  Oh well, a little bit at a time and with a little help too, it will get done.

Yesterday I went for my blood test and I cant tell you how nice the nurse was.  She not only understood my fear, she told me that I have a very delicate vein and the tip of the needle only just needs to go into it for the best results.  She did take a lot out and I didnt feel a thing, nothing at all.  She even put a proper plaster on my arm. Lovely lady.

I had to nip to Sainsburys then to pick up tea and I only had a couple of bits in my trolley.  A very kind assistant came over and said dont queue, come over to the express checkout tills and I will put the bits through for you, packing my bag as she went (there were only 4 items though) but I cant carry a basket.  So another lovely lady.

Then it was home to a well earned cuppa.

The Daisy flower display is finally finished.  A big thank you to everyone that helped.

I really like this and have ideas to do another couple of projects with it.  If you would like to see it or want to know how please get in touch.

Right, off for a bit of tidy up as best I can.  Thank you for having a read and wishing you a wonderful day.


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