Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Happy Birthday

Tuesdays twitter and a happy birthday to an extremely close friend, P.Ann.  I hope that you have an amazing day.  This is the card that I made

You remember Pippa, my little foster dog *snigger*, well she stays with me now and again.  When we have been sorting out the garden, we found this

it is one of the water pipes that connects the whole garden to the watering system, Pippa obviously liked this oppps.

Christiana is in the hospital today for a test, she is having a camera put down her throat to see why she cant eat food anymore!! This is one of the side effects of Schleroderma which she suffers from.  She will have to be heavily sedated but not put to sleep?? Obviously I will be on edge all morning until I can talk to her when I get home from work.  Here she is in a photo from last Saturday night with her dance school. Oh yes she goes dancing as often as she is able,

Christiana is on the middle row, second one in from the left.

Our hectic weekend was due to birthdays and here is a photo of dad at 70 and sis at 50

These are some cakes that I made to take to sis BBQ on Saturday.

I shall share the cards that I made with you tomorrow. 

Unfortunately this weeks "Weekly Deals" are not shown so I will let you know all about those later today. 

Thanks for having a read and I hope you manage to miss the showers that are due.

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