Sunday, May 25, 2014

Time in Preston

Greetings from Preston. We came yesterday to help Katerina pack up her home as she is leaving next week. Her last exam is on Tuesday. The place needed a good clean but in the end, we got it sorted. We also got a parking fine, but we shall appeal tut tut. Long story about that.

I received this in the post this week, thank you so much Liz.  It really brightened up my day and put a smile on my face. I love everything about it and it is now brightening up my box city.

Flowers in the garden really have come early this year.  Some of our plants have never flowered before and now they make an appearance.  We shall be taking a lot of plants to our new home.....when we get the date.

The picture below is the jasmine that is in bud, when this flowers the smell is amazing.
I have never had flowers on this plant below
Below is the potato tree that we thought got killed by the frost a couple of years ago.  We kept it planted as the birds liked to sit on it and now look, wonderful
My mock orange is another one of those plants that got damaged by frost.  We moved it last year and look, a single flower with lots and lots more to come
Have a wonderful Sunday and thank you for having a read

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