Thursday, May 15, 2014

Very lucky


What a lovely day yesterday was.  A big thank you for all the cards, pressies and wishes.  I think i will be having a birthday week, smashing.

Here are a few cards that I received

Arent they wonderful, I shall share some more tomorrow.  As I said in yesterdays post, we went to Heart of the Country and I found these, a couple of tins, a new quote for my new craft room wall and the coat hanger, for the new craft room

A few more pressies

And lots more, just too much to put on one post lol.  I feel very blessed to have an amazing family and lots of wonderful friends.

Today it was back to work, which is a bit of a strain but at least the girls are benefiting from it by being at uni.  Speaking of which, Katerina has her first exam today and she told me she is ready for it, bless her.  Sophia has gone back to Athens for a few days, she is a tinker.  Christiana is recovering from a very very nasty cough and cold.  She should have had her treatment last week but couldnt as she is so ill.  Fingers crossed that she can have it done soon.

This afternoon  and evening I shall be home as I am keeping busy with some chores, some shopping and then helping Paul pack a few more things away.  It looks like we have at least another 2 weeks phew.   I also have a couple of cards to finish, if I can find all the bits to do them....wish me luck, I need it.

Thanks for having a read and I hope that alls well in your world

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Lesley said...

Glad you had a lovely birthday Lesley x