Monday, May 26, 2014

Bank Holiday Monday

Another Monday and whilst the banks are on holiday, I am not.

I would like to do a million and one little tasks today but if I just do one of them, that is one less to do tomorrow.  I had a bit of a lie in and I have had a really slow start to the day but today I am home all day. I started with cleaning the front door.  I seem to get a little whirlwind of dust, leaves and rubbish all around my front door and I know that we are leaving the house soon but to me, its always important to have a clean door.  The roses around the door are in bloom, with greenfly tut tut so I have sprayed them, trimmed them and hopefully, they will bloom for many more weeks.

My legs havent quite recovered from Preston (no I didnt walk there, it just feels like it).  We cleaned Katerinas apartment from top to bottom, emptied every drawer and cupboard and packed everything up.  All her household goods are being stored in Preston so in a couple of months, we have got to reverse the process yikes.  We also packed her suitecase for her trip back home later this week but today, she is doing her last minute revision for the last exam tomorrow.  So proud of her. 

Sophia is also studying hard, she has lots of exams starting on Thursday and continuing for a whole week.  She is also running around for Christiana in hospital.  I am not sure about having all those pigeons on me but hay, she loved it.  Another one I am proud of.

Christiana is still in hospital in Cyprus.  She went in last Friday for some treatment that should help her over the next few months.  She still has another 3 or 4 days of treatment left but she is being very brave and the nurses and doctors are treating her extremely well, thank you.  Obviously it is a very worrying time for us and I do hope its not too long to see her.  She has said that she notices a difference in her well being already which is great news. Her skin feels softer, her body doesnt ache quite as much and she just feels a little better although, the mosquitos are liking her too, her poor foot. Proud of Tana as well.

I have made a few thank you cards, with limited supplies at hand.  My SU ink pads have all been packed away so I am using my refill bottles and babywipes, its working well.

Thanks for having a read and have a lovely bank holiday, even if it is a damp one.

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