Friday, February 3, 2017

Beautiful You again

Morning and here we are, nearly at the weekend.

Fingers and knees and feet are still not brilliant but I am coping as best that I can.  Off to do my hair in a minute and that always makes me feel a little brighter.  For some reason I have developed a lot of dry skin on my face so Paul, bless him, has only been in the house for 10 minutes and says come on, lets get to boots to get you some cream.  What a minefield that is, so many creams, so many brands, so many choices.  I decided to ask the sales assistant, I usually have No. 7 so off I went to the No. 7 counter.  One girls was helping someone and another, who had their back towards us was busy too.  So after a quick browse I saw someone with long hair, short skirt and the highest of high heels so I went and asked for help.  Well he turned round.  I was taken aback, he had the brightest purple lipstick, wonderful dark eye make up, rather thick foundation and the silkiest softest hair I have ever seen.  I explained my problem and he helped me decide on what to get.  I left feeling rather happy with my choice and I hope I didnt show any reaction to his appearance when I realised she was a he.

I have had a few conversations with Paul about this.  Paul saying how times have changed and how it must be difficult for him.  Me saying thank goodness times have changed and how wonderful it is that he can dress and look like that with confidence...I think we are getting old.

Here is a card that was made some time ago

I still love this set, beautiful you, so many possibilities.

Unfortunately my mum was rushed into hospital again last night.  I went to visit her and ended up calling 999.  She has pneumonia and a urine infection again.  Fingers crossed that they can help her.  As it is pneumonia she has and is in hospital, I cant go to visit but I am calling everyone all the time for updates. 

Well, I had best get on with my day, thanks for having a read.  Tracey x

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