Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thursday and the 3 C's, Christiana, Cakes and Christmas Card No. 10

The weather yesterday didnt do a lot did it. Was damp and chilly all day long, a bit like me really but we cant always be happy all the time can we.
Christiana, my eldest daughter in Cyprus who suffers from Schleroderma, Raynards and other bits, went to the hospital yesterday. The good news is that her lungs and blood tests are all good again, well done to her. Unfortunately the mobility in her fingers is still very bad but from today, she is going to be doing her own physiotherapy, arent you tana? She reads my blog daily and I know that she is going to try really hard to get her fingers moving again. Tana also makes cards which are wonderful. There arent too many places in Cyprus that she can buy goodies from so mum likes to send a box over now and then full of little bits but now that her craft room is full (and a mess) she cant get anything else in there so I have a nice little pile of goodies here waiting until she has a bit more room. She shouldnt worry about her crafting area being a mess should she? It will be interesting to read your comments about the state of your crafting area, go on, leave a comment so that Christiana can read it.
As I mentioned yesterday my hand mixer broke boo hoo. Paul, bless him, (we all know how good he is) took me to Sainsburys at half past 7 last night so that I could get a new one. Sainsburys was empty, it was lovely to walk around and have a look at the new things they have got for Christmas but I was good. I only got a mixer and some frozen peas oh, I did treat my best friend to a little something but she will have to wait until tomorrow night to see what it is, arent I a tease lol.So today I may make a few more little cakes, if I am up to it. These are the cakes I made when my mixer broke
Diddy carrot cake. I got the carrots ready but I would love to make my own. Does anyone know where I can get a little mould from? Hoping you can help with this (oh I am still on the table cloth hunt by the way).
Now onto Chrissmassy bits
I know that Sue made this fantastic Christmas Star card. Its so shiny and so lovely, thank you Sue. Here is a link to her blog HERE to see all the other wonderful things she makes, a very talented lady.
Well I have had a lie in this morning, it was gone 10a.m. when I got up so its off for a shower and to start my day, a little, okay a lot, later than normal. Have a great day and thanks for having a read.

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Sue said...

Good for you on the lie in Tracey its up with the larks here just lately even at weekends not good makes you nod in an afternoon har har Bless Christiana she wants to see my two rooms oops secrets out the craft stash has officially spread out they are both complete utter tips but whats the point of clearing when you only go and make a mess again well thats my excuse at the moment har har
Cakes look amazing again Tracey i am dribbling again Luv Sue x