Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday Twitterings and Christmas Card No. 9

Do you ever check that you get the right amount of boots advantage points? It might be worthwhile if you do. I recently purchased something and whilst I got a £5 discount, and 340 additional points I only got 100 points instead of 240 that I was entitled to. Now I know you may think that because I got the discount and additional points why moan about the missing 140 points but that is £1.40 that I would have lost. I got in touch with boots who checked out my complaint and the wonderful lady added 700 points to my card, £7.00, so its worth checking that you get what you are entitled to......moan over.

*waving* at my new follower, thank you for signing up and reading the blog, its always lovely to know that people do actually read what I write.

Now who has made this Christmas card? I think it could have been Elvie and I know that Sue will correct me if I am wrong
The colour combination is lovely.
UPDATED - Phew at last we know who did it, Anne Made It lol. She used the colour coach (which really is a must have) for the colour combination. Thanks for letting me know Anne.

Yesterday was a quiet day and a lovely evening with friends. I did a few jobs around the house but I watched quite a bit of tv too. Now that the tv has been fixed I am catching up with the second series of misfits, do you watch that? I think its great. Paul cooked a lovely steak for tea, how pleased am I that he is home. Today I am going to attempt to spend some time in my craft room, chilling and sorting, not sure that I will come up with a card or not but at least I will have a relaxing time. What are you up to today?

Thanks for having a read and have a lovely day


Sue said...

Morning Tracey great card and colours sorry am going to fail you today har har as i dont know who made this one oops
So glad you had a great day and are being spoilt with Pauls cooking skills today i need to get everywhere cleaned or not perhaps make a bit more mess har har see you soon Luv Sue x

anndees said...

I made this one Tracey, as I followed the colour scheme from the SU Colour Coach. I really should put my name on them. Anne x