Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday and it looks like it will be a rainy day

Yesterday was a bit chilly and very damp but the forecast is for it to be even colder today brrrrr.  The sky has been a lovely red colour this morning oh oh.

I went to Aldi and got a few bits yesterday, again thinking that a walk around, outside of the 4 walls will do me good and again, it did.  So I think I shall recommend this to anyone who is going through any kind of stress to just put your coat on and go somewhere different for an hour.  I went to Aldi last week with mum and discovered a lot of things cheaper than what I usually pay,  milk £1 instead of £1.29, lettuce 49p instead of 89p, bran flakes well under £1 instead of £2.10. I decided to go and get my fruit and veg and some other bits, just to try.  Last week I got a toilet cleaner cheaper than toilet duck and it is a lot better too.

Then I nipped into the florist.  I love flowers as most ladies do but I have gone right off the supermarket ones, mainly because they are all chrysanths at the moment.  So I got these.

After putting all the shopping away and doing a few more chores, it was back to the craft room for an hour, just sorting out, I reduced my 8 year collection of Christmas card bits from this

to this.

I cant believe how things just pile up and pile up but not no more *giggling*.  That means that I have a box of stuff to give away. 

The SU orders finally arrived YEAH.  They are now all sorted and ready.  I shall send out an email to let everyone know.  I love looking through all these wonderful wonderful items.  It gives me so much inspiration.

Well, I had best go and start my day.  I was up at 5am for some silly reason.  Have a wonderful Saturday and thank you so much for nipping in and having a ready today.

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Meredith L said...

It is always fun to clean out your craft room!