Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Name Day Katerina

Today is Katerina's name day.  My youngest daughter, who is studying in Preston is the one on the left.  Yesterday she went to see the Coco Cola lorry.  Are you off to see it when it comes to Derby?  I know I am but I am going to have to take someone with me cause I want my photo taken with it.  Fancy it?

That is my stint at work done for a Monday morning, I may have next Monday off, one way to avoid that Monday morning feeling.

Yesterday I managed to get my bags unpacked, (suitecase is nearly done).  I did a load of washing but still more to do and I pawed my way through all the wonderful swaps I got WOW.  I am feeling so very inspired and hope that this continues.  Lots of ladies coming today, its Crafty Week so I dont have too long this lunchtime.  Just got to have my soup that I made yesterday (getting better) and for tea tonight its chicken, syn free chips and salad (really must lose the lbs I put on over the weekend eating mars bars).

So Stampin' Up! Convention was wonderful, as if I didnt already tell you.  A big hello to Leenie (Leanne really) and Sandie.  They are from down south, I met Sandie in the lift at Manchester Picadilly station and we tried to share a taxi to hotel but taxi drivers said they were too far apart.  I then bumped into her, outside my hotel as hers was just around the corner.  All over Manchester all you saw were these beautiful white and grey rucksacks that we had all been given by Stampin' Up!, it was amazing. Sandie showed me where to get trams from and I saved a fortune on taxis but, that is another story.

I have got my money box out and I am already putting some pennies in for the next convention in Brussells next October and I can visit my Sis in Law too as she lives out Zoe.

Here is a photo one of the presents I received from Jacquie.  This was the first one out of the bag as it is so delicate and breakable.

I am sorry the photo isnt brilliant but I am sure you get to see what it is.  Thank you so much, it is stunning.  Can you see all the detail on the "shade"

Another Christmas card Tah Dah

I really do need to get a few more of my special ones done as I totally forgot, I have to dismantle my craft room for all the guests coming at Christmas.  Yikes.

A quick update of Crafty Week, I have 3 spaces for Thursday afternoon starting at 2pm and 3 spaces for Friday starting at 7.30.  Please feel free to come along half an hour earlier to meet your fellow crafters.

That's it for this Monday and thank you for having a read.   Have a lovely Monday afternoon and evening

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