Friday, November 8, 2013

That Friday feeling has returned

Good morning and here I am, with that Friday feeling.  It really does feel like a Friday today, maybe its because I am back behind a desk on Monday at work, that it feels like Friday.  Yesterday I was very naughty.  I decided, at the last minute that a wander around the NEC would probably do me good.  You know, get away from it all, change the four walls that I have been looking at, just to do something different so, I went.  I actually caught the train there so that it would be even less stress and I can really recommend it.  If you get a train ticket Derby to NEC the cost is £30 return.  If you get a ticket to Coventry, which has to call through the NEC, the cost is £15 ish.  HUH?  I know but that is what I did.

I met some wonderful ladies, especially at lunch time.  Total strangers to start with but I have found that crafters are usually a friendly bunch who help each other out (okay, I know that there are a few exceptions but non yesterday).  I had a gently wander around the show, took in some demonstrations, had a relaxing coffee and a chat to other ladies and it did me a world of good.  Today I feel so much more positive about things.  *waving to everyone I met and spoke to yesterday*

Here is another tag, I dont really know how many tags I make and use over Christmas normally but, out of curiosity, I am going to count up this year. This one is already stuck to a wrapped up present.
And of course, another kit card.

The man in the brown van is coming today, at last.  I am really not sure why the last SU goodies have taken so long to get here but they will be here later today.  I shall hurry with my chores so that I am all ready for him.

Next week is going to be a good week for me, lots planned already.  Tuesday I am having Tuesdays at Traceys and I am going to be having all my ribbons around me so, if you like ribbon and a bargain please feel free to call in.  I also have a new baking tin so I will be making some little cakes, scrummy.  Thursday I am out crafting with some friends, Friday I am at a Christmas market with mum and Saturday I am going to another Christmas market with Paul....phew.   I hope at the end of the week I will be just about ready for Christmas.

Thanks for having a read today, I hope all the ladies I met yesterday have found the blog and get some inspiration and dont forget, if you need help with anything, just get in touch.  Have a great day

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