Thursday, November 7, 2013

Getting ready for Christmas, bit by bit

Good morning and what a wet day yesterday was.  I cant believe that we had so much fine rain and drizzle all day long, lets hope it soon goes away.

I thought I would show you a couple of tags that I made recently.

In my efforts to use up all my crafting items and to cut down on costs of Christmas I made these from some decoupage kits that I have had for a few years.   I am also going to wrap up the childrens presents in brown paper (I will stamp on it in bright colours) tI am sure that kids really dont care about the paper, as long as there is something inside that they like.

Here is another card that I made up, from a kit.

 I dont normally use kits but I fell in love with this one and it has sat in a box for a few years. 

So Katerina came and Katerina went.   Here are her before her hair colour and after her hair colour photos, not as orange as she had hoped but still a lovely colour.  Guess who didnt want her picture taking?

She had to rush back last night as she has a lecture today and the thought of getting up early to attend it was a scary prospect for her.  It took us nearly 3 hours to take her to the train station and get back.  The traffic was awful.  She missed one train that she was hoping to get on.  I was late for fat club (1lb put on) but at least we got home safe and sound in the end, even if it was very late.

The NEC starts today, are you off there?  If you are have a safe journey and a wonderful day.

Thanks for having a read today and I do hope that all is well in your world. 

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