Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The scales

Hello and thank you for visiting, you know what today is?  It is weigh in day at Slimmer's World tonight and I am hoping that the scales show how good I have been this week.  If they dont, I shall just be good for another week.

I had a lovely afternoon and evening yesterday, saw lots and lots of friends.  If you didnt make it, sorry but hope to see you very soon. *waving to everyone who had a cuppa with me*. 

Isnt he cute.  I loved this little stamp when I saw him and I knew that I had to have him for my collection of Christmas stamps.  This collection is far too large now but hay, it doesnt matter.  At the moment my craft room can take the many Christmas Stamps that I own. 

We have begun the decorating and guess what, Paul has to go away again soon. So its skates on and trying to do as much as possible before he goes.

Its going to be Derby Dabblers Christmas fuddle on Friday 13th December.  Derby Dabblers is a craft club that has been running for a number of years and it would be lovely if everyone could come along.  We shall all sit and make some last minute Christmas tags as well, if you want to that is.  Please get in touch if you would like to find out more.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a great day, the weather is forecast to be nice

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