Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Remember, remember the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot

Brrrr good morning.  It is very nippy out there today at just 4 degrees.  The forecast is for rain so wrap up very well and take a brolly if you have to venture out.  I shall have my fingers crossed that it is dry tonight for all those having a firework party.   Do you remember the 5th November poem?  I dont recall it all but I do remember saying it.

Katerina arrived in Derby on Sunday evening after an uneventful trip from London by train.  She went to see the Man United game in London on the Saturday and did a little shopping on Sunday however, she was not too impressed by the number of people in the shops.  She said that they were very busy and she couldnt see things so she is taking her dad shopping in Manchester this weekend when he goes to stay with her in Preston.

Yesterday was the day of my mum in laws funeral, such a sad day. Everything went without a hitch, we saw people that we hadnt seen for a long time and everyone shared such wonderful memories of a wonderful lady.  She is being missed by so many and will be remembered in our hearts.  We shall be going back to the chapel today to look at all the wonderful floral tributes she received.  The limbo land "bubble" that I have been in seems to have been lifted and I have got up today with a lighter heart, which has to be good.

So today, as I am still off work, I will spend it with Katerina who is such a help.  She lightens up everyones mood by her little comments and her jokes.  She will be with us for a few more days so I am going to make the most of her (she also brought lots of washing with her too).

Here is the thank you card for November.  I usually send one of these out in with the bag of goodies that people order.  I saw something similar on pintrest 

Well if you are having fireworks tonight, stay safe.  Have a lovely day and thanks for having a read.

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Buffy said...

Beautiful cards Tracey. Wonderfully inspiring
Hugs Buf xx