Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Midweek Musing

You know how my day started off badly yesterday, it got worse.  Thankfully I have learnt to laugh at these situations and I am not too proud to ask for help when it is needed.

I got home from work to find my fridge and freezer broken, kaput, not working and leaking all over the kitchen floor.  I had one hour to sort this, eat lunch, hoover and finish sorting the SU orders out, well I did it, in the nick of time. I now have borrowed a fridge and a freezer, my neice has her freezer full of food that I could not waste and, I have to find the right one to order to get mine replaced.  Brother in law did some shifting around for me and at half 6 last night we were travelling up the A5111 picking up fridge and freezer and bringing it back to mine before a group of ladies turned up at 7pm to collect orders, have coffee and cake and you know what, I just chilled, phew.

Today I have done my shift at work and now its time to get cracking on those final Christmas cards that need doing. 

Did you know its clearance time at Stampin' Up!  up to 80% off, please dont miss a bargain, there is card and card and card at silly prices.  All you have to do is click on Shop Now which is a little further down my blog, go to products and clearance couldnt be any easier.

Tah Dah....

My first hand made Christmas card arrived on my door mat.  Thank you so much, it is lovely.

Thanks for having a read, if you need help with ordering call me, 01332 721877.  Have a lovely afternoon and evening

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Jackie said...

Oh dear, always bad when the fridge/freezer pack up but at this time of the year!!!!!!!!!
Glad you liked my little card Tracey, thank you so much for yours :o)
Jackie xx