Sunday, December 22, 2013

Raindrops but not on roses and no whiskers on kittens

Rain has been forecast for today in Derby with a high temperature of 7degrees, brrrrr. I am so pleased it isnt snow (but dont let the grand children know as they really really want snow).

Today is the day that I need to finish everything off so having a lie in this morning is a great help, mind you, it was very late last night when I went to bed.  I was waiting up for the girls to arrive and they landed at Liverpool Airport at around half 11.  I havent spoken to them yet and goodness knows what time they will wake up but at least I know that they are here, in Preston, safe and sound.  They are hoping to go to the Christmas Market in Manchester today, I did say hoping.  Katerina, bless her, has been getting two apartments ready for them and she was so looking forward to their arrival.

I have quite a few odd jobs to do and then to continue with the food shopping.  We went to Sainsburys yesterday but only for half an hour as we had to nip in to the walk in center as Paul has an infection and we dont want that getting worse over Christmas.  I am letting him stay in bed this morning, he needs the rest.

Last night we caught up with The Great Train Robbery from the robbers perspective and then from the police perspective.  I must say it was a really good drama. It was the first time that we have spent a whole evening in our newly decorated living room, together.  What a treat.  If you havent seen these documentaries, I can really recommend them, very good.

I shall be sneaking an hour or two in the craft room later, OH YES.  I need to do a couple of santa keys but I can tell you all about those tomorrow.

TAH DAHs for today are these wonderful cards,

How lucky am I?
Dont forget that there is still a massive clearance of some Stampin' Up! Goodies.  I particuarly like all the 12 x 12 papers at a silly price of under £4.

For more sale items, just click HERE.  If you are struggling or need help with anything please feel free to give me a call as I am always happy to help, if I can.

I hope you have a great day today, if you are out and about I shall keep my fingers crossed that it isnt too busy for you.  

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