Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A terrific Tuesday

Good morning and if this is Winter, I can cope with it.

Yesterday I was up so early and in town just as all the shops were opening.  It was fresh, clean and crisp.  I cant really explain it any other way.  I got quite a bit of shopping done to send to Santa and was home by 10am.  Was hoping that Paul would be spending the afternoon with me, wrapping up pressies, putting up tree etc. etc. when I got a telephone call, he has to go away to work again.  Never mind, we did have a mad weekend together, finishing off the living room, new carpet, new curtains all up and looking lovely.  So I have 10 days to wrap the pressies and get everything else sorted, in between going out to friends house crafting, a candle party, two xmas dinners, two nights out to Slimmers World and who knows what else. 

After a lunch of jacket potato and beans I went and did a big Sainsbury shop and then I managed to get some wrapping done, coffee with a friend or two before an evening of more wrapping, more hoovering (I cant stop hoovering the new living room carpet) and it was off to bed early.

Yesterday I walked into the garden and there is this really strong smelling plant.  It took me ages to discover which one it is but TAH DAH, this is it.

Mum in law loved this plant and it has never ever smelt the way it does now.  It is as though there is a Yankee candle outside, the smell is so strong or is the correct word pungent?  A few years ago (about 7)  I wanted to cut it down, it is big, just had leaves and it did nothing but Paul, who knew best, said leave it a while.  I am so pleased I did.

So today its back to work before coffee with a friend, a little light shopping at hobbycraft, tea and then out to a friends crafting.  Who is turning into the social bird.

Here is the Christmas card for today, its another one from the Wishing You stamp set which is great for cards, tags and then birthday cards too.  I will show you the birthday cards once Santa has been.
Here is a lovely tag card that I received from the convention, it is a spinner card which means that the little disc with Santas head on moves around.

Thanks for having a read and wishing you a terrific Tuesday

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