Monday, December 16, 2013

It's starting to look an awfully lot like Christmas


Forecast today is for 11 degrees with a possibility of rain so you may, need your umbrellas. In Cyprus the temperature is due to go up to 15 degrees, so not that much difference.

And here we go again, another start to another week and this one should be an exciting week.  I have lots and lots planned but then again, I expect we all have at this time of year.  Paul is home today getting delivery of the new fridge freezer, phew. Just in the nick of time.  I think he is hoping to get a few odd jobs done too, you know the little things that get overlooked.

We have managed to get all the decorations up and the house is looking an awful lot like Christmas now, its lovely.  Just needs to get the smell of baking of the mince pies mmmm

I have a few hours of work this morning and then home to lots of little Christmas preperations.  Hopefully this week will see me having coffee with friends, a little Christmas shopping, not so many chores ohh, I do have to dismantle the craft room as well, which is a bit of a pain but hay, it has to be done. I have a couple of special cards to make, which I have been commissioned to do along with a few special "santa keys" so they will be fun.

I have 11 young adults arriving next Sunday and Monday and a little puppy arriving on Sunday so life will get rather hectic.  I am hoping that they all have their own laptops/ipads and I can continue to use my computer but, just in case, I will have to schedule a few posts, (obviously the puppy wont have a laptop).

TAH DAH for today is this lovely card which I have received.  Isnt it smashing. Thank you

Did I tell you that I have secured us a room to make Christmas Cards on the second Friday of every month in the evening?  I am so pleased about this but more details and news after this Christmas.

Thanks for nipping in and having a read.  Have a wonderful Monday


Jackie said...

Good morning Tracey, thank you for your good wishes for my shoulder, methinks it looks like something I may need to put up with each winter :o(
It certainly sounds rough outside at the moment, I haven't had a look yet LOL.
Merry Christmas to you and yours :o)
Jackie xx

Buffy said...

Merry xmas to you Tracey. I shall be round with your card soon
Buffy xx