Friday, December 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Kirsty

Phew, its the end of the week and what an end.  I do hope that everyone who reads this was not too badly affected (or should that be effected)? by yesterdays high winds.  I must say that I was being chased by a big black wheelie bin or two when I came home at lunch time.  I got soaked in the evening and was really pleased to get into bed.

I was really looking forward to going out last night to a candle party but it just wasnt meant to be.  Other things cropped up so I missed out but, I did put in a sneaky little order.  When goodies arrive I shall share them with you.

So instead of going out, I spent the evening on the phone and computer and putting up a few more decorations.  The advent calendar went up, a little late but better late than never, and here is a photo of it, just in case you havent seen it before.

The tree is up but it is naked so I cant show you (it is really naked) but hopefully getting dressed over the weekend. A few more cards got written, the soup got made, the weekly plan got done and I must say, next week is looking pretty calm at the moment.

Just a reminder that if you would like Stampin' Up! goodies under your Chrsitmas tree this year, this weekend is the last order I shall be placing prior to Christmas which I know will arrive in time.  After the weekend, I cant guarantee deliveries, I can try my best but I cant guarantee them.

It is a Happy Birthday to Kirsty today, our niece.  Here is the card that I made for her

I do hope that she has a lovely day.

Thanks for reading the blog today, I hope all is well in your world.


Lesley said...

Kirsty will have loved your card - hope you got things sorted - good to see you Tuesday - those chasing wheelie bins are a menance - the same happened to me!!!

Lesley said...

have a great weekend! Lesley x