Friday, December 20, 2013

Fridays Post

With all this rain we are all going to end up like this little quacker soon.  I got drenched yesterday.

Well yesterday I was extremely busy at work, I actually stayed an extra couple of hours.  I just dont like leaving things not done so today will be a little easier.  I break up today YEAH.  Paul has already broken up.  Last night he did a little late night shopping for his wonderful wife *taking a bow*.  I enjoyed a lovely couple of hours with my bestie last night, we put the world to rights so I hope you all think its a better place today.

So another couple of cards for you

Sue C, I demand that you share your stamp set and your cutting die and everything that you used to make this card.  I really MUST make some of these for next Christmas lol

I was up well before the larks today, excited I think.  We have the boiler man coming to service the boiler, we need to keep all the young adults warm when they arrive.  Here are just 3 of the boys that will be staying with me tut tut tut, what have I let myself in for? 

 I hope to be doing a little baking tonight well, it would be rude not to as I have extra freezer space.

Thank you for all your wonderful cards that keep landing on my mat, they really are stunning and I hope to get them all on here before the end of the year.

Have a lovely day today and thank you for having a read, 

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