Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday's Miserable Weather

A wet and dismal start to the week, just as it was said on the weather forecast. 

Here is a card that I sent out recently.  I love the brightness and cheeryness of it, (is there such word)?

And I have been making up some very lovely parcels.  All my stamperettes will get one of these over the next few days.  Stamperettes series 9 still has a place or two left if you fancy joining.  I am so pleased with the way the parcels turned out. I get quite a lot of brown paper so I have been saving it. Before I could stamp over it I did have to do a bit of ironing (I didnt iron Pauls shirts but I did iron brown paper?)  and then it was ready to stamp on.  Once the ink was dry I wrapped up the mystery parcels.  I really dont know if I have gone a bit o t t on this but I enjoyed doing them and I am sure the recipients will enjoy opening them. It cant be o t t  if I enjoyed it can it and yes, I know I have other things to do but hay, I had fun.

It's Tuesday tomorrow and Tuesdays at Tracey's again.  Dont forget, if you have half an hour spare you are most welcome to nip in for a cuppa and some cake.  I have some SU orders to give out too.

I have been getting rather annoyed, not at anyone in particular but at circumstances.  I wanted to get out the hoover (I dont do this very often) but I opened the door where I store it and OMG, it would take me a few minutes and a few moves to even get to see the hoover.  I have bags and boxes in front of it that have to get shifted first.  How did that happen?  So before I could hoover, it took me a good half an hour shifting bits and pieces. Then I wanted to get out a baking tin to find it at the bottom of a big pile of other tins.  It just seems as though everything that I want to get to is a mamouth task so this week I shall be making sure that all obstacles are out of the way. Life is so much easier when there is nothing in the way, hay that could be my motto for October, just move everything out of the way.

Thanks for having a read this soggy Monday and I hope you manage to stay dry

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