Monday, September 24, 2012

A weekend in Preston

We went off to Preston Friday night to see my youngest daughter, although Katerina is a twin she is still the youngest but only by a couple of minutes.  It took us just over 3 hours and it was a pig of a journey, the weather was awful, rain, rain and rain, the traffic was amazing, I have never seen so many cars, stop, start, stop, start on the M6 and that was when we finally got on it.  But we got there and her apartment is wonderful.

We decided to go out to eat as it was rather late and have a great Mexican.  We all caught up, chatted, laughed and then headed back, shattered.

Just outside the apartment we saw something just above us, we rushed out of the car thinking it was  a plane on fire, no it was too slow, it was a new firework but it didnt burn out, was a chineese lantern?  We just didnt know what it was but it couldnt be a UFO could it?

We had our cuppa, watching a dvd and at half 12 the youngsters announce right, we are off out now but dont worry, we wont be too late back.  Huh?  did I miss something lol.  So Katerina and Costas went out and Paul and I went to bed.  Saturday morning and I had slept until 9a.m., had a cuppa, showered had breakfast.  What a chilled out morning and the news told us all about the Meteror Shower WOW how lucky were we?  It was there, right in front of us and an experience that none of will forget.

So we packed up, had another cuppa and Katerina and Costas got up and ate breakfast.  They had never been to Dunelm and they wanted to go so that was it.  We eneded up at the Capitol Center wandering around Dunelm for an hour and they loved it.  Lunch was at Starbucks, in the wonderful sunshine and then it was the dreaded trip home.  Can you believe that it took us just under one and half hours to come home?? Less than half the time of getting there.
Katerina in her flat
 It wouldnt be right to put a post on the blog without a card so here is one that has gone out in the post recently.  I am quite taken to making a little background with a template and then stamping on it.

Thanks for having a read and I hope that you have a great day.

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